Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan

My birthday letter to Ronald Reagan, may he rest in peace.

Dear Mr. President,

I wanted to let you know that I cast my first vote for President for you. I have never regretted it. I was happy to see the end of the Carter Presidency. In my eyes, his term of office was mired in weakness; weakness on how the government had responded to its financial woes, weakness towards the energy crisis, and weakness towards our enemies. In contrast, you wanted to show the American people that we were strong, that we the people, once unleashed, could recover from the economic doldrums we were in. And you were willing to take on the Soviet Union and Communism in a way I had personally never seen before.

All through the years of your Presidency, I heard the hatred and vitriol of others who hadn’t voted for you. I began to learn about the lies of the left, how being a conservative was a bad thing.

History is a funny thing. At the time one lives in it, people aren’t wired to know how certain events will unfold; it is years later before the true impacts of these events shake out that we understand what happened. Your handling of the Soviet Union was a matter of sheer genius. Without firing a shot, you took down one of the most ruthless, brutal, and bloodthirsty empires ever established by man. Yet at the time, you were vilified regularly by those who myopically put their own party ahead of America. But you saw it through. And even though the end of the Soviet Union didn’t happen during your time as President, history has shown how instrumental your policies were. Salut!!!

Even your economic policies made a huge difference not only to the individual, but to America as a whole. We the people shook the dearth off the previous decade and ushered in era of an unprecedented economic growth that was of great benefit to everyone. Naturally, your political enemies, even those who exist today, refuse to acknowledge it. Yet again, they put their political preferences ahead of America and the American people.

Sure you made mistakes. But it’s alright. No person born of two humans has ever been perfect. Those of use who made sure you were re-elected in 1984 looked past those mistakes, knowing you always put America first. Even as history has caught up with the events of your administration, we have learned to appreciate more what your two terms as President meant to America and its people.

So here’s to you, President Reagan. May God bless you and keep you.

Happy Birthday!!!