What to do With a Truly Lawless Regime

No, not the one running Egypt. I mean the Obama regime:

A Louisiana federal judge on Wednesday held the Interior Department in contempt for re-imposing a deepwater oil-drilling ban last year after the judge had struck down an earlier version of the moratorium.

That would be U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman. His original ruling chastised the Department of the Interior for imposing the ban without basing it on any hard data that other drilling operations were in danger of having the same problems as the BP rig that spewed a huge amount of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Republicans need to get ugly on this. It isn’t the first time the Obama regime has acted in such a lawless fashion.

That moratorium issued by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was based on blatant lies. Interior’s Inspector General came out with a report which showed the White House, specifically those working for “Climate Czar” Carol Browner, put in those lies.

Anyway, The Hill continues:

Interior issued a new version of the deepwater ban in July that it eventually lifted in October, but permitting for deepwater projects has not yet resumed.

Feldman’s order Wednesday takes Interior to task for the way it went about issuing a new, but very similar, version of the ban after he granted an injunction against the first one.

In other words, Salazar’s minions got cute and re-established the same ban in July but with different words. And even though the moratorium was lifted, Interior is still not issuing permits.

Feldman came down as hard as he could:

Judge Martin Feldman’s ruling — which is stuffed with harsh words for Interior — orders the department to pay attorneys’ fees in the case against last year’s drilling ban brought by several offshore oil services companies.

What Interior has done is engage and continue to engage in unlawful behavior, helped by the White House.

This lawlessness has also extended to the FCC and its chairman Julius Genachowski. After being told by a court that the FCC had no business regulating the internet, Genachowski went ahead and did it anyway.

Genachowski, Salazar, Browner, and any of their minions involved in either the illegal internet regulations and the drilling moratorium needs to be hauled up by the GOP to answer for their dishonest and illegal actions. Republicans can hold up Feldman’s original ruling, the Interior IG report, Feldman’s contempt order, and the ruling against the FCC. They should ask these jerks if members of the administration believes it is above the law. Then, the Republicans need to vilify and humiliate these people publicly and loudly. Lastly, demand Obama sack the lot of them and remind the President his position is not one of an absolute ruler, that he must adhere to the rule of law just as every other President must. They should also remind the President the powers given to the House and the Senate under the Constitution when dealing with unlawful individuals in an administration.