Obama Can Drive One to Drink

You know, I get more woozy listening to Barack Obama than I do drinking several boilermakers, each consisting of a shot of my favorite tequila (Sauza Conmemorativo) with a beer chaser (I also like 1800 Reposado).

I’m listening to Barack Obama speak on Mark Levin’s show and it makes my head spin (full video here). All of a sudden we have a replay of history as Obama seems to be ready to christen the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists as a legitimate political presence within any new government that may come out in Egypt. Obama is ready to ignore recent attempts at democracy in many of the countries in the Levant: following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, Palestinians held an election that brought the Muslim Brotherhood-spawned and Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas to power, eventually driving their Fatah rivals out of Gaza; the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah has slowly infiltrated Lebanon’s electorate and has now taken over the country. In both cases, Obama remained silent, just as he did when peaceful protesters in Iran were gunned down by that country’s Islamist government. I understand there really isn’t much Obama can do regarding Egypt; however, it sure doesn’t help America’s interests, nor of the interests of our ally Israel, to believe the Muslim Brotherhood has any interest in creating a free Egypt.

What’s really ironic is how little respect Obama and his leftist puppets have given those millions upon millions of Americans who joined various Tea Party protests to oppose Obama’s policies, especially Obamacare. Even as his party took a drubbing during the 2010 mid-term elections, bringing sixty new Republicans into the House of Representatives and a total of seven new Republicans into the U.S. Senate, and ignoring poll after poll showing the American people want Obamacare repealed and real health care reforms enacted, Obama and the left treat their fellow Americans with contempt while cheering Egypt’s sudden attempt at “democracy”, even though the Muslim Brotherhood is working hard behind the scenes to ingratiate itself as did Hamas and Hezbollah. Simply amazing, although not surprising.

Bartender, pass me a shot and a beer.