I Knew I Smelled a Rat, or The Gay Lobby Outrage Du Jour - Part Deux

Following my post on the New York Times hit piece against fast food success Chick-fil-A, Michelle Malkin has a column today on that same article. Malkin adds a new insight on it.

The piece in the Times was in the National news section of the January 30, 2011 edition, not in the Sunday Business section. As Malkin found, the author of the piece, Kim Severson, is no ordinary reporter. She has been the Atlanta bureau chief for the Times since last year. It explains how Severson knew about the gay lobbying group Georgia Equality putting out a petition to demand Chick-fil-A stop supporting organizations that the gay busybodies perceive as anti-gay. Oh, one other thing…Malkin learned Severson is openly gay. Severson put out this piece in Newsweek several years ago, which won Third Place in the 2006 National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association Excellence in Writing Award Opinion/Editorial category.

I knew I smelled a rat when the New York Times put out this article. It’s especially true since it showed up as a regular news item instead of as an opinion piece or business news. What I said at the end of my post is even more relevant:

Of course, I doubt the Times would even be interested in the success of Chick-fil-A if it weren’t for the fact the business doesn’t help push an agenda the Times wants pushed.

Or the specific political agenda of the author of this “news” article.

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