Palin Derangement Syndrome: The "WTF Sputnik Moment" Edition

I took a glimpse at the left’s next attack on Palin. I thought it so stupid and petty as to be completely undeserving of a comment. I need to remember to stop underestimating how persistent the left is when pushing their deliberate falsehoods.

The latest meme is their claim that Palin said the Soviets won the Space Race with Sputnik although it led to the downfall of the Soviet Union. Jed Lewison does at DailyKos, PZ Myers at Pharyngula does, and Digby does. Naturally, these idiots have no idea what the “Sputnik Moment” was, especially since their “Dear Leader” Obama misrepresented it during the SOTU.

Even TPM can’t really call out Palin on this, although they try:

Yes, the Soviet Union won many of the early contests in the space race (including putting the first man in orbit, which may have been what Palin meant by “race to space”).

The Soviet Union even put the first artificial satellite into outer space. Which meant they won the race to space, not the Space Race. That artificial satellite was called – drumroll, please – Sputnik.

We can see these leftists remain desperate to paint Palin as some kind of moron at the same time saying Obama is some kind of genius. They are afraid of her, of that there is no doubt. They hate her for being everything they aren’t, a decent human being.