The SOTU Snorefest, the “WTF” Edition

No, I don’t mean “Winning the Future”. There are three other observations on the SOTU I want to offer.

First, Obama mentioned Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of the tragedy in Tuscon. That’s fine in and of itself since the event was so awful, especially since a child was murdered. There was nothing, nothing, about the atrocity in Pennsylvania where at least seven children are known to have been murdered. In fact, Obama made sure he reiterated his support for the right of women to have reproductive health care when speaking on the “anniversary” of Roe v. Wade, the sophist’s argument for the kinds of activities Gosnall made millions off of.

Obama also brought up what was going on Tunisia, supporting what he believes could be Tunisians rising up against a tyrannical government. Funny thing though; he said next to nothing when the same thing was going on in Iran a couple of years ago. Additionally, his administration actually supported a would-be tyrant in Honduras over the will of the other branches of the Honduran government and people, that is, until it was clear the Castro-wannabe would never be allowed to take office again.

Lastly, Ed Morrissey’s “Obamateurism of the Day” points out how Obama wants to drag us back to the advanced transportation technology…of the 19th Century, rail. Granted, it’s more technologically advanced, but it’s still rail. Not only that, Obama actually said Americans should prefer it over air travel since there wouldn’t be all those nasty searches. Yes, he actually said that. At the same time, his Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet “Incompetano” Napolitano, is pushing for more security and searches at railroad stations, because they are a threat. Plus, the event that led to Spain electing a more socialist government and pulling its troops out of Iraq was an Islamist terrorist attack against Spaniards riding in…you guessed it…trains.

I’m thinking if Obama wants to maintain the same low quality in future State of the Union addresses, he should email them.