When Liberals Collide; Supremes Unanimously Overturns 9th Circus

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is the most overturned court in the United States. One of the judges most frequently reversed is the Carter-appointed Stephen Reinhardt. Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued four rulings, all of which were reversals, all of which were unanimous, and two of which (here and here) were reversals of 9th Circuit decisions (the other two reversed 6th Circuit decisions).

The first reversal was a per curiam decision, all of the Justices agreed with the decision collectively (Justice Ginsburg filed a concurrence as well). Reinhardt had ruled that prisoners had a right to parole, which had overturned the decisions of the California courts and the federal district court. The Supreme Court went to great lengths to chastise Reinhardt and the 9th for getting involved with this case at all, as well as for reversing the other courts.

The second reversal of the 9th (Reinhardt was not involved) had to do with a bank who had raised the interest rates of a customer’s credit card without notifying the customer first; the customer claimed this was a violation of credit card disclosure laws, despite the fact that the customer was frequently delinquent in paying his credit card bill. Liberals have made the claim the Roberts Court is nothing more than a rubber stamp for corporations to do what they want; even President Obama has said he wants “empathy” from jurists when deciding cases. In delicious irony, Obama’s new Justice Sonia Sotomayor filed the unanimous opinion that went for…the corporation, Chase Bank. That also means Obama’s other new Justice Elena Kagan was in agreement with the ruling.