Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Exploits Tuscon and JFK Murders

I am thoroughly, thoroughly disgusted by the Left. They’ve gone down into the depths further than even I could expect. And yet, they haven’t hit the abyss. You can see this graphically by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in a hideous piece at HuffPo, “Tuscon: Time for Another Examination of Conscience“. Guess what he does? He not only blames conservatives for the killings in Arizona, he returns to the failed screed that it was conservatives who were responsible for his uncle’s assassination.

Read the whole thing, if you can. Then, do an Alt+Edit+Find and put in “osw” to search for it. Let me guess, you don’t see any references to it until the comments section, right? There’s nothing there either for “lee”, “harve”, “lho”, none of it. There’s no mention at all of the murderer of his uncle. Why? I don’t know. Was it because Lee Harvey Oswald was a vile, wife-beating Marxist, a leftist? I don’t think Kennedy cares. He is so wrapped up in his vitriolic hatred of the right that introducing facts showing the exact opposite of his and the Left’s “narrative” are deliberately ignored. It is all about the “narrative” for the Left.

Now this jerk exploits his uncle’s death to exploit what happened in Tuscon this past Saturday. It doesn’t matter to Kennedy or the Left (which includes Pima County’s top cop, whose job it is to find the facts about the crime, not spew opinions that have nothing to do with it) that we’re learning Jared Loughner committed his murders for his own delusional reasons that had nothing to do with the political rhetoric of the right or left. Kennedy, Dupnik, Bernie Sanders, and that ilk obsessively keep to the Left’s “narrative”, going so far as to exploit the deaths of others, including murdered family members, to continue with it. I haven’t decided if people like Kennedy are mentally ill or have decided to completely throw out any capacity for human decency.

Fight back and call these people out (ooh, can I say that?). The Left has no business calling for civility in our political discourse until they start behaving in a manner that meets the real definition of the word “civility”, not the flexible definition they would give the word to suit their needs, something the Left is wont to do with a whole host of items.