What Is Going On With Senate Republicans? I Think I Know

It’s apparent Senate Republicans have made some kind of deal with Reid and Senate Democrats. But why?

Wasn’t there an election about a month and a 1/2 ago? Didn’t Republicans, including a lot of conservative Republicans, win six seats? Even with the election of squishy Mark Kirk, who took office right away as part of the combined special/general election for the seat previously held by Barack Obama and the Blago-tainted Roland Burris, Republicans were supposed to make things a bit more difficult for Harry Reid and the Democrats to finish their Christmas list of liberal crap bankrupting and weakening the country.

I figured the DADT repeal would pass; as far as I’m concerned, it was small potatoes compared to what the liberals have in store for us. Republicans stood firm to keep the DREAM Act from being an American nightmare. They held off Reid’s playing politics with the federal government’s budget by passing an omnibus spending bill after not passing ANY spending bill before the election. Reid even snuck in a version of an expansive new food safety law into his omnimess that had previously passed the Senate, but the House determined that version was unconstitutional since it had appropriations in it and didn’t originate there. And while Republicans did allow for the new START treaty to be debated, indications were that there wasn’t going to be any ratification until looking at it further next year.

Well guess what? Senate Republicans helped to pass the food safety bill by unanimous consent. And according to Ed Morrissey, they are all set to ratify START. While Reid spent most of the year playing political games at the expense of the American people to avoid the passage of any bill that could potentially harm Democrats’ chances at the election, he has been cajoling and bullying Senate Republicans to help him out. AND REPUBLICANS ARE DOING IT!!!

Republicans not only won six seats in the Senate, but 60 seats in the House, the greatest amount in decades. Republicans also won huge victories in state and local races all around the country. The reason was obvious; the people didn’t want to continue Obama and the Democrats’ continuing expansion of the federal government’s powers to micromanage the lives of every American. But for some reason, Senate Republicans want to make nice with Reid and his cohorts; didn’t they learn from 2006 and 2008 that when Republicans act like Democrats as if making a deal with Mephistopheles, they get replaced by real Democrats who have no interest in including Republicans or conservative policies, as the current session of Congress proved. To Democrats, a compromise still includes ever expanding power of the federal government over the people.

The only thing I can think of that is causing all this Republican caving is that when the 112th Congress begins, the first thing that has to be done is to pass the Senate rules for the session. One of Democrats’ biggest complaints has been the filibuster, having to lock up 60 votes for cloture to end debate on most items. The left wants the Senate to be more “democratic” (when Democrats are in charge) and have the rules changed so that cloture only requires a simple majority of the entire Senate; I believe Senate rules changes at the beginning of a session of Congress only need a simple majority. And since the Democrats will retain their majority, they can pass the change even if every Republican votes against it. So I’m guessing that Republicans have a deal with Reid in which they stop blocking votes to keep the filibuster in place for the 112th Congress as it is today, at 60 votes for cloture.

I don’t know about this. I don’t trust Reid and the Democrats to keep their word on anything, but I’m not in the Senate. As it is, the Democratic majority in the Senate would be able to stop any conservative measure passed in the House. And like I said, a compromise to a Democrat still includes increasing the federal government’s power, so it isn’t as if Republicans can do what they want, even with their large advantage in the House. Additionally, the liberal media will do everything they can to paint Republicans as thinking only of party instead of the country, even while never chastising Democrats for doing the same thing. It isn’t fair, but life isn’t fair; additionally, the people ignored much of this media BS and swept Republicans into office at all levels of government. But, one must remember history; Republicans were affected somewhat negatively when Gingrich and Clinton butted heads; and even though Republicans retained a majority in Congress, Clinton did get re-elected.

The Senate wasn’t designed to be another version of the House of Representatives, which could be behind McConnell’s thinking. Thanks to the 17th Amendment and the passage of history since that time, U.S. Senators don’t represent their states nearly like they used to; Democrat Ben Nelson’s vote to end debate on Obamacare over the objections of the Nebraska state government shows that graphically. But retaining the filibuster at least left some semblance of that, albeit in a greatly reduced form. It’s possible McConnell and Senate Republicans are thinking long term for the benefit of the country, although it really hurts America in the short term (see Ed’s post on what some Senate Republicans are saying is missing from the new START treaty).

What do you think?