Where Do We Go From Here?

Senate Republicans, especially Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who did a great job on Harry Reid’s power grabbing Omnibus farce, stood firm and forced Reid to blink; Reid pulled his bill and will vote to pass a continuing resolution to allow the whole federal government to operate through March, by which time Republicans will have the majority in the House. And the House finally voted to keep tax rates as they are (a bill I hate considering all the new spending in there that isn’t paid for; but, there it is).

So what now?

Joe Lieberman (I-CT) introduced a stand-alone bill to repeal the Democratic-owned “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”; remember, this was passed when Democrats had control of Congress and the White House in 1993, and have done nothing since they’ve had control of both branches since 2009. Some Republicans have indicated they would support it. Personally, I favor it’s repeal as I had indicated here. If it fails during this session of Congress, then there are two options: Republicans can lead the repeal effort (and I think there would be enough support in the House; Republicans can read polls, which show Americans want DADT repealed), or the judiciary can do the job. I prefer the former since that would stick it in the eye of the Democrats who spent a year to pass the unconstitutional Obamacare law instead of doing what the people wanted done (Democrats ignored the polls) and show how Democrats, especially the statists in charge, really stink at governing. But if it passes during the 111th Congress, so be it.

Then there is the DREAM Act. There is nothing of merit in this whatsoever. It’s just a giveaway of our tax dollars to illegal aliens and encourages further breaking of immigration laws. Republicans need to block this completely.

There is the new START treaty. Democrats want this ratified fast regardless of the implications to the U.S. This isn’t just a quickie deal with the Russians; it is something that should be studied and looked at with a fine tooth comb, not ratified to make Democrats, especially those who aren’t going to be in the Senate in two weeks, look good. It’s bad enough Republicans allowed debate to start on this now, so they need to do the right thing and reject any attempt to get it ratified now. And when the 112th Congress begins, Senate Republicans need to do everything to dump this treaty and tell Obama to…ahem…START over (sorry; couldn’t resist).

Over at the Washington Times, the Obama administration is planning on supporting another ridiculous piece of UN garbage, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It’s nothing more than a furthering of redistributionist policy:

Objections to the declaration include its potential to conflict with U.S. law, its failure to define exactly who indigenous peoples are, and its support for tribes seeking claims on lands occupied hundreds of years ago. Article 26 of the declaration states that “indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired.”

This is unbelievable. Oh, but we are not to worry according to some guy named Kenneth Deer, secretary of the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawke in Canada:

“It’s not that all indigenous lands have to be returned to indigenous peoples. We have to respect the rights of people who are on the land now,” Mr. Deer said. “What the states have been saying is, ‘This is not your land anymore,’ but the declaration is saying, ‘Yes, this is their land, and you have to deal with it.’ “

And how do we “deal with it”?

Article 28 states that indigenous peoples “have the right to redress,” which can include “restitution” or “just, fair and equitable compensation” for lands and resources they have traditionally owned or occupied, but which have been “confiscated, taken, occupied” without their consent.


President Bush rejected this fiasco when it came out in 2007. So of course, Obama endorses it. Republicans need to do all they can to reject this disaster and keep the U.S. from being subject to its pointless provisions.

I think people need to start seriously considering Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”. The lamestream media, including some conservatives, have seen fit to reject the arguments presented by D’Souza, followed up by all kinds of horrible ad hominem attacks on the author. Yet, Obama’s actions seem to vindicate D’Souza’s thesis.

Lastly, Senate Republicans need to send a letter to every single federal judge and Supreme Court Justice telling them not to retire because they are going to hold up every single judicial nomination Obama makes. We know the President has no interest in appointing members of the Judicial Branch who would adhere to the Constitution; his appointment of the racist liar, Sotomayor (oh yes, I am going there), and the appointment of someone who would give the federal government unlimited power, Kagan, prove it.

It’s going to be an interesting and tough two years. Let’s hope Republicans have the stomach for some real battles. They haven’t been too awful during this lame-duck session, except for that tax bill, and we need to keep their feet to the fire.