"I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further."

This is what it’s like to work with statist politicians like Barack Obama and Harry Reid, those who adhere to the Darth Vader approach to deal making. Did Republicans learn anything? I know Democrats didn’t, but they don’t care. So first we get this really bad tax deal (which will probably pass the House; even Paul Ryan says we have to “suck it up”), now we have Reid shoving through an omnibus spending bill, which is needed because Democrats wanted to avoid any political fallout prior to the election, larded up with all kinds of crap, including Obamacare funding. And we have four Senate Republicans, Bob Bennett, Kit Bond, Susan Collins, and George Voinovich, ready to vote for it. I can understand the Collins vote since she’s a certified RINO to begin with; I can even understand crybaby Voinovich, since he’s been a squish for years, and Bennett who seems content to take his revenge on the people for voting him out of office. My problem is with Bond; why would he vote for this? He’s actually more conservative than the others. Even though he’s voluntarily retiring from the Senate after this session, it wasn’t because he was primaried or voted out, so his potential support is puzzling.

Haven’t Republicans figured out that if they want to deal with Obama and Reid they have to do so from a position of strength instead of starting out weak? They are the ones who have to be smart and tough instead of ceding their hard won power back to Obama and Democrats in Congress. If they don’t, they’ll go down again in 2012 and we might as well say goodbye to the United States and the Constitution as they should be.