Breaking: U.S. Will Not Host 2022 World Cup

Attorney General Eric Holder, someone with not a whole lot to do apparently, went to Zurich, Switzerland to lend a hand to get the World Cup to the U.S. in 2022, a la his boss’s attempt to get the 2016 Olympics to Chicago on a whirlwind trip to Copenhagen. As with his boss, Holder failed; Qatar got it.

Like I said, it is apparent our AG doesn’t have a lot to do. So the obvious question is why is Holder the Attorney General anyway? Since when is it the AG’s job to fly out to bid on sporting events? Couldn’t Holder have sent some flunky to do this job while Holder tackles the other, more pressing issues on his plate, like where and how and if the 9/11 terrorists get tried, or how the DoJ can get its hands on certain leakers? Per Geraghty:

The word from DOJ is that President Obama asked Holder to represent the federal government to “make clear that the United States has the capacity to host a World Cup that is both secure and welcoming to the people of the world.”

First off, the World Cup the U.S wanted won’t take place until 2022, long after Obama is no longer President and Holder is no longer AG (which can’t happen soon enough). So whomever in the federal government is charged with the federal security aspects isn’t even in the job yet. Second, also noted by Geraghty, the U.S. already does what Obama wants with the Super Bowl, the World Series, NHL and NBA championships, the Daytona 500, the Indianopolis 500, etc., without the AG getting involved.

And even with the “potent” presence of our “illustrious” AG, the U.S. still didn’t get the 2022 World Cup. At least it gives the AG the opportunity to actually do his job, although his performance in that capacity hasn’t been anything to write home about.