Terror Trial Disaster, But Holder's DoJ Pleased?

In what has turned out to have been a farce of a trial, a trial meant to prove a political point and having nothing to do with justice, terrorist Ahmed Ghailani was convicted on one count of conspiracy to commit murder, and could receive 20 years to life. The jury found the verminous terrorist not guilty of the remainder of the 280 charges, including all of the 213 murder charges that were filed against him. Listening to Charles Krauthammer early on in the video linked here (I can’t get it to embed into the post), it’s amazing Ghailani was even acquitted of the murder charges considering he was convicted on the conspiracy charge.

Ghailani’s trial was the first experiment by Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama to try a Guantanamo Bay-held terrorist in civilian court. It should be seen for what it was so many knew it would be, an utter failure.

So the question of the day is, what does this do to the civilian trials Obama and Holder want to hold for the 9/11 terrorists currently held at Gitmo?

Let’s go back to the trial for a moment. This trial was ridiculous to begin with. It got worse after the judge on the case disallowed the government to use its star witness, whose name was supposedly given up by Ghailani under enhanced interrogation; any evidence gained from this witness would be deemed inadmissible and thrown out. Then a juror wrote a note to the judge wanting to be replaced, claiming to have been harassed by the other jurors for not voting the same way (when the story broke, it was assumed the juror wanted to vote not guilty; however, now it looks like the opposite is true); the judge said forget it and also denied a request by the defense to declare a mistrial. Now the verdict. Naturally, the DoJ is playing up the conviction on the one charge (via TPM):

“We respect the jury’s verdict and are pleased that Ahmed Ghailani now faces a minimum of 20 years in prison and a potential life sentence for his role in the embassy bombings,” Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement.

As a point of reference, the other four terrorists who had been tried for these bombings in 2001 were put away for life after being convicted of murder and terrorism. Of course, this was handled by the Bush administration and John Ashcroft, not the incompetent administration of Barack Obama and the more incompetent AG Eric Holder.

So what about KSM and the other 9/11 terrorist vermin that Obama and Holder want prosecuted in the civilian courts, and in New York City? We’ll know soon since Holder said a few days ago that he is close to a decision on the disposition of these terrorists. Well, a number of key New York Democrats, including incoming Gov. Andrew Cuomo, said they don’t want these thugs anywhere near a courtroom in either the city or the state. There have been rumors about holding the trial in either Virginia (sight of the Pentagon attack on 9/11) or Pennsylvania (where the passengers of Flight 93 heroically sacrificed themselves). But government officials of both states are bound to, if they haven’t already, say no dice to Holder. It’s possible Holder will attempt to rally the loony leftist base to demand civilian trials; but with Republicans in charge of the House and an increased number of states, Holder will probably be laughed at and told to go away. And considering how far Holder has gone in keeping the 9/11 terrorists out of any prosecution by the military, I doubt he will change his mind about trying these terrorists in military tribunals. In the end, the administration will probably keep the terrorists in Gitmo without ever recharging them or trying them (which is fine with me, although I’d rather see each of the terrorists dangling at the end of a rope). And justice will not have been served. Both the right and the left will be livid, but considering how often this administration has ignored the people, I don’t believe Obama and Holder will care.

Some on the left are happy as clams about the verdict, claiming this vindicates the whole trying terrorists in civilian court thing. Included are John Cole, Alan Colmes, and “Rick Ellensburg”. Naturally, all of them blame the Bush administration and enhanced interrogations for the reason murder convictions weren’t brought in, along with further dishonest and cowardly attacks on the military commissions that Obama signed off on. Their ideology, like that of Obama and Holder, matters more than anything else, including justice.

Holder has been about politicizing justice ever since he was named Attorney General by Obama, and the trials of the 9/11 terrorists is just another example of that. It’s obvious the man has no interest in actual justice and should be removed ASAP as AG. I do hope that Republicans in the House haul Holder up in front of every relevant committee and hammer the AG repeatedly for his actions and his incompetency. And every Republican in Congress should be repeatedly banging down the doors of the White House to get Holder out of that job until the AG is gone.

There was no justice in this verdict, not for the victims of the bombing, not for the American people, and not for what’s to come with the 9/11 terrorists. But Holder will put his smiley face on and tell the people how great a job he is doing. Fortunately, the American people know Holder is nothing but a fraud.