Gov.-elect Cuomo Opposes KSM Trial in NY; Libs Fear the Rule of Law

The Miami Herald:

New York Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo says he’s against trying the professed mastermind of the Sept. 11 terror attacks in his state.

This comes a day after that most political of U.S. Attorneys General, Eric Holder, announced he was close to a decision on where KSM is to be tried (this assumes that Holder is still hellbent on trying these terrorists in the civilian courts). The piece doesn’t say Cuomo approves of military commissions, just that he doesn’t want the trial anywhere in NY state.

The liberals at Balloon Juice whine:

Andrew Cuomo has allied himself with the rest of the fraidy cat New Yorker politicians who think that Khalid Sheik Mohammed is so scary and powerful that he can’t be tried in New York City.

Now, these “brave” liberals never explain how New York politicians who support keeping out such a trial from NY and NYC are “fraidy cats”, other than to perpetuate the idiotic canard that trying these terrorists in the civilian courts in NYC sends “a message of strength”; naturally, to the liberals, “It sends yet another message that our greatest fear is another attack on New York”. It’s amazing; these liberals are all about “messages”; liberals claim the “message” of Obamacare’s “holy” goodness got lost; liberals claim the “message” of how Porkulus “saved” the economy got lost; and so on and so forth. Maybe if liberals worried about how bad their policies are and how much the American people hate those policies instead of how the American people don’t understand their “messaging”, we might take them seriously.

Anyway, the problem is that these idiot liberals are the ones who are afraid, afraid of the rule of law. The commissions have been viewed, up to this point (we never know what the liberals on the Supreme Court might do), as entirely within the realm of the Constitution and the rule of law. Yet, liberals keep spewing a lot of false rhetoric and throwing up one straw man after another to make their case. Which is what Holder and Obama have done regarding prosecuting these verminous terrorists.

You would think that after Congress redid the military commissions, which was signed into law by Obama, the liberals might get it. Alas, they don’t. And they project their fear of the proper use of the rule of law on these terrorists to anyone who doesn’t agree with them.