Ungrateful Ingrates

Our “moral superiors” in Congress, almost all Democrats and some Republicans, passed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act last year; in the House, 70 Republicans joined all but 8 Democrats to vote for this drek (Senator-elect John Boozman, as the congressman of Arkansas’ 3rd district, voted against it, as did the soon-to-be Speaker John Boehner; good for them); in the Senate, the only Democrat to vote against cloture, along with 29 Republicans, and against its passage, along with 16 Republicans, was Kay Hagan of NC (both Arkansas Senators voted for it; bye-bye, Blanche). Sec. 201(a) tells U.S. cigarette manufacturers (foreign ones are exempt) to change their cigarette packaging in order to increase the size of warning labels and authorizes the FDA to add graphic pictures to them. Naturally, all the usual suspects among the nanny-state do-gooders are ecstatic.

Now, you’d think these idiots would have second thoughts on treating cigarette smokers as the worst people on the face of the earth. After all, Congress passed and Obama signed into law, the $73 billion expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) over 10 years (one of President Bush’s most memorable vetoes was the one where Democrats tried to pass this during the 110th Congress). Which is paid for primarily by, you guessed it, cigarette smokers (this was Obama’s first broken promise regarding taxation since most smokers make less than $250,000 and he and Congress raised their taxes). So when we smokers light up, we’re actually helping children. Literally. You’d also think that our “betters” would think twice about smokers quitting since without smokers, Congress would have to find something other to tax to pay for the expansion. Au contraire; the ungrateful and stupid jerks who passed both of these bills and got them signed into law have no compunction about abusing the cigarette smoking minority again, all with the help of the nanny-state dorks.

So I think, in the name of fairness, and we know liberals are all about fairness, some other changes need to be recommended.

In New York City, some pro-abortion groups wanted city legislation to force crisis pregnancy centers that don’t advocate or perform abortions to be more specific in the fact that those centers don’t offer abortions. See, the pro-abortion crowd got it into their heads that when these centers put “Free Abortion Alternatives” on advertisements, this is somehow misleading. Now, only a pro-abortion liberal could make that argument; normal people understand what it means. Plus, it doesn’t change the fact that there are places run by the pro-abortion crowd where women can go and legally get abortions. But I think in the nature of fairness, Allah has the definitive statement on this in his exit question:

Does this mean we’re ready for a law requiring pictures of dismembered fetuses on the walls of Planned Parenthood? It’s all about informed choices, after all.

And I believe it should. In fact, these pictures should be provided to children in public school sex education classes that don’t promote abstinence. Like Allah says, this is all about informed choices, as the government wants with cigarettes.

Then there is homosexuality, specifically men having sex (MSM) with men and HIV/AIDS. The CDC recently conducted what is called one of the most definitive studies on the subject. Here is what they had to say six weeks ago:

This report summarizes NHBS data from 2008, which indicated that, of 8,153 MSM interviewed and tested in the 21 MSAs [metropolitan statistical areas] participating in NHBS [National HIV Behavioral Surveillance] that year, HIV prevalence was 19%, with non-Hispanic blacks having the highest prevalence (28%), followed by Hispanics (18%), non-Hispanic whites (16%), and persons who were multiracial or of other race (17%).

That’s one in five. That’s insane. Worse, the report goes on to say that nearly half of those infected don’t know it. The federal government, along with state and local governments, has spent billions upon billions upon billions of dollars regarding HIV/AIDS awareness, and yet statistics like these come out. Naturally, the government will come out and say more awareness is needed, as if the American people aren’t inundated with enough of this “awareness” already.

In the name of fairness, public schools that don’t offer abstinence programs, gay bars, and any other facility that promotes homosexuality should be required to have pictures showing gay men dying of HIV/AIDS-related illnesses. Of course, the gay mafia homosexual lobby would never allow politicians and judges it has bought off to support such a thing.

Then there is all the food-related diseases that kill people off, especially heart disease. Maybe pictures of Bossy being butchered should be plastered on packages of beef. Or a picture of a fat-laden heart should be put on Cheese Whiz and other related products. It’ll never happen.

If you want to be discriminated against in this country, become a cigarette smoker. It doesn’t matter that smokers are paying for government-provided health insurance for children. Better yet, it allows Obama to lie about how he doesn’t want to raise the taxes on people who make less than $250,000 while raising the taxes on people who make less than $250,000.

Face it; Islamist terrorists get better treatment from the U.S. government than American cigarette smokers.