It's Veterans Day - Hug a Vet

There are two veterans in my family, my father and his brother, my uncle.

Uncle was in WWII. He entered combat in eastern France at the beginning of 1945. His unit fought across the Maginot Line, fought across the line, then fought in southwestern Germany until V-E Day. He then spent the next year as part of the occupying forces before being mustered out.

Dad was initially drafted after WWII and spent time in Japan. He was mustered out about a year or so later. After the Korean War broke out, he was redrafted and was sent to Korea.

Funny story. My nephew, in the 3rd Grade, had an assignment this year to bring a veteran to his school and he chose my Dad, his grandfather. Dad was required to complete a little questionnaire. One of the questions was something along the lines of “What is the best thing you remember about your time in the service?” You’ll never guess what he answered. The food. For some reason, he thought Army food was very good. Never having been in service myself, all I’ve ever seen are movies and TV shows that show soldiers grumbling about rotten Army food. Maybe in some cases it was, but Dad saw it differently.

To all veterans, thank you. To my Dad and my uncle, I love you.