Heeeee's Baaaaack...

Yes, Olbermann. Didn’t watch it. Spoiler alert (if you really care): Allah has the details. There are two Mediaite clips over there, one from what is apparently the beginning of the show (yes, I chuckled), and one from what I gather was the end.

Further spoiler alert. In the second clip, he actually is gracious enough to thank Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, and Dana Loesch for standing up for him. I’m glad he did and I agree with those three. It seems to me that the policy at MSNBC (and NBC) is quite ridiculous and onerous, and does nothing to promote the appearance of objectivity (which isn’t a problem for Olbermann or MSNBC since neither is one bit objective; see this Moe Lane post). The biggest problem I have with all of this is how liberals twisted the saga into an attack on Fox News, even in Congress. Even Olbermann briefly manages it (I told you it would happen).

Much of the mainstream and lame-stream media is on the ropes for continuing to promote their liberal bias despite the financial hits they’ve taken. After Comcast takes over NBC, it’ll be interesting to see if the new parent company believes MSNBC is financially solvent enough to remain as it is since GE seems to be willing to sacrifice its stockholders (the owners) for the ideology of MSNBC’s bosses, especially Jeff Immelt.