It Is To Laugh; Community-Based Reality Goes Off The Deep End

Olbermann is back on TV tonight.  My response?  Meh.  I won’t watch him.  I expect he will follow Rachel Maddow’s lead and blame Fox News for MSNBC’s policy (Vermont’s socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders wants the government to stop Comcast from acquiring NBC and MSNBC from GE for the same reason). Johnny Dollar does a great job of ripping Maddow and MSNBC a new one (Read the whole thing).

But that isn’t what has me amused. I went to this post and this post to get the lefty side of the things. You have to get into the comments to see how divorced from reality the community-based reality is.

When one commenter in the first post asked to explain Maddow’s logic about how Fox News had anything to do with MSNBC policy, the post’s author came back with this:

What she said is that several FOX News hosts have done far more than donate to Republican candidates, to the point of openly endorsing them in their capacity as hosts, fundraiser for them as well, and in several cases the candidates themselves are actively employed by FOX.

When, in the second post, the commenter provided the many variety of ways MSNBC hosts do much the same thing for Democrats, the post’s author comes back with a new set of criteria:

When MSNBC hires presidential candidates and gives them their own shows, and fundraises and endorses candidates on the air, come back and talk to me then.

Now remember, this is supposed to be about MSNBC policy being used on one of their hosts, not Fox News.

When the commenter provided Johnny Dollar’s video evidence of MSNBC hosts (remember, MSNBC hosts see themselves as journalists, while Fox News people like Hannity, Palin, Huckabee, those mentioned by Maddow, do not; which group’s people are being dishonest, the people who admit they aren’t objective journalists or the people masquerading as objective journalists?), the post’s author ignored it and accused the commenter of being lazy. When the commenter confronted the post’s author again, the latter came back with this gem:

And yet you’re the one when faced with Rachel’s evidence immediately tried to change the subject to make it about MSNBC while completely ignoring the documented times that FOX News came out as the propaganda arm of the GOP, then accuse me of projecting.

Let’s see: Olbermann works for MSNBC; Olbermann allegedly violates MSNBC policy; Olbermann is suspended by MSNBC; Maddow works for MSNBC; Maddow blames Fox News for Olbermann’s suspension; like lemmings, liberals blame Fox News for Olbermann’s suspension; when confronted with reality that this is about MSNBC and its handling of Olbermann (or maybe it’s the other way around), which it is, liberals accuse conservatives of changing the subject.

This is the logic liberals live under all the time. And they wonder why their policies are utter failures.