Watch How Sharron Angle Turns a Liberal Into a Blithering Idiot

To answer John Cole’s question at the end of this quite rude rebuttal to a piece by libertarian Tunku Varadarajan (Varadarajan calls himself that), I would say liberals.

The key sentence from Varadarajan that Cole takes issue with is this:

The big-government Bush Republicans have already been punished;…

Cole becomes really incensed:

It is almost like he is unaware that McConnell and Boehner and all the same Republicans will be in charge should they win. Name one “big-government Bush Republican” who has been punished for anything. Cheney looks near dead, but that is punishment from God. The rest of them have not paid one bit for any of their sins.

Excuse me? I know I’m not perfect with my writing, but in a post so short, you would figure Cole could have spent just a couple of minutes proofreading. There is just so much wrong with Cole’s diatribe.

All the same Republicans? Hmmm… Kind of a curious statement. If I remember correctly, the Democrats took control of Congress two elections ago in 2006 and expanded that control in 2008. I wonder who were the objects of that…? Could it be…hmmm…Republicans, big-government types and otherwise? And what replaced those Republican? Big-government Democrats. A whole lotta them.

So, it isn’t the big-government types Cole is upset about since he loves them big-government Democrats. Like every other lying liberal, Cole complains about all the unfunded programs passed by Republicans and the Bush administration, especially the war. But I don’t believe he’s had a problem with the unfunded Porkulus, the unfunded Obamacare, and all the other stupid programs Democrats have implemented over the past 20 months that have relied exclusively on borrowed Chinese dollars (except for the SCHIP expansion, which was a broken promise by Obama as it raised taxes on those who make less than $250,000).

Cheney? Dick Cheney? Former Vice President Dick Cheney? The last time I checked, Cheney hasn’t been in office for nearly two years, which is why Cheney is the former Vice President. It’s almost as if Cole wants Cheney dead. Which is pretty disgusting in and of itself.

I just love how these conservative Tea Party women are making liberals angry, which makes them unhinged and quite incoherent, as seen by Cole.

More please.