What Rights Have the Moonbats Taken Away From Americans?

I was in a conversation with a liberal and was asked what rights I’ve lost due to moonbats like him. Little does the individual know that it is quite a lot. I’ll list them out in order of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights. By no means is this an exclusive list (that is, I’m sure there are other items I didn’t list).

First Amendment – Religious Expression:

  • If I’m a graduating high school student speaking at the graduation ceremony, I can’t say a prayer to give thanks to God for my success.
  • If I work for Catholic Charities in Boston, I am forced to potentially include placing children up for adoption with what Massachusetts a married same-sex couple, even if my religious beliefs reject that form of marriage.
  • If I were working in the County Clerk’s office in California prior to Proposition 8 passing in California, I might have been forced to issue marriage certificates to same-sex couples, even if my religious beliefs reject that form of marriage.

First Amendment – Free speech:

  • If I were an executive in a non-media corporation prior to Citizens United, my corporation couldn’t fund an issues ad except at certain times.

Second Amendment:

  • Prior to the Heller ruling, I couldn’t own any kind of working firearm within Washington D.C.
  • Prior to the McDonald ruling, I couldn’t legally own a handgun in the city of Chicago or other cities with such bans.

Fourth Amendment:

  • The federal government is making noise that it will be tracking Americans through GPS, all without a warrant.
  • State governments can set up roadblocks and search my vehicle to see if I have what could be called “contraband” (ie., cigarettes bought in another state) in my vehicle, without a warrant or reasonable suspicion.

Fifth Amendment:

  • The Kelo decision allows the government to take my property and give it to another private party, as a result of the Supreme Court’s bastardization of the Public Purpose Clause.
  • At this point, Obamacare allows the government to force me to give my money to a private health insurance provider.

Sixth Amendment:

  • If I’m Republican Tom Delay, the state government is allowed to deny my right to a speedy trial simply because the prosecutor and the courts are controlled by Democrats.

Ninth Amendment:

  • I don’t have a right to define how abortion can be regulated, thanks to Roe v. Wade.
  • If I live in several states, I don’t have a right to define what marriage is.
  • If I live in Massachusetts or Arkansas (I live in Arkansas), I don’t have a right to determine the best people to place children up for adoption (in Arkansas, a ballot initiative was passed to disallow the placement of children up for adoption to an unmarried couple, whether or not the unmarried couple was homosexual or heterosexual; a lower state court overturned it).

Tenth Amendment:

  • I don’t have a right to define how abortion can be regulated, thanks to Roe v. Wade.
  • I don’t have a right to determine who can be executed for very serious crimes, thanks to Roper v. Simmons and other rulings.
  • I am required to allow the federal government to ignore following its own laws, as is the case with much of Arizona SB 1070.

Liberals passed the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) to disallow the production of liquor since the 16th Amendment (taxing income) was bringing in enough revenue to the federal government and it allowed the federal government to engage in social engineering. It was a disaster. When the Great Depression hit, the revenues fell off sharply as people were thrown out of their jobs. The 21st Amendment, repealing the 18th Amendment, allowed the government to tax liquor again since it was legal to produce it again.

Liberals on the Supreme Court, all placed there by the liberal FDR (including Klansman Hugo Black), ruled in Wickard v. Filburn (Black wrote the opinion) that activities that had nothing to do with the buying and selling of goods could be regulated by Congress under the Commerce Clause. This was affirmed repeatedly over the next several decades, and will be used by the Obama administration to try to claim Obamacare is constitutional.

With Rasul, Hamdan, and Boumediene, the Supreme Court intervened in U.S. foreign policy, something that the Constitution says is exclusively under the control of the Executive Branch, with input that can be provided by the Legislative Branch.

Like I said, this list isn’t complete, but is all I can think of off the top of my head; I’m sure there are others.

Of course, liberals will try to make it seem that President Bush tried to suppress free speech and violated the right to privacy with the Terrorist Surveillance Program (TSP).  That is absolute garbage since nobody’s speech rights were suppressed by Bush, and the Supreme Court ruled that the TSP was entirely constitutional while the country is at war (yes, even the Supreme Court gets that the country is at war due to the 2001 AUMF that was passed following 9/11).

Thanks to moonbats, we Americans have lost a large number of rights. Giving moonbats more power will further reduce the rights of Americans that the Constitution is supposed to guarantee.

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