Just How Tolerant Is The Left?

As they are always ready to tell everyone, those on the Left say they are morally superior human beings for their tolerance, because if they are in charge, everything will be done correctly. Take the Ground Zero mosque, for instance. The tolerance of those on the Left has gone so far as to extending their support for having the mosque built, at least to verbally support it. Included in this support from those on the Left is their outrageous “outrage” at us intolerant, troglodyte conservatives, those engaging in supposed “fear mongering”, like trying to find out who is funding this mosque building.

So how far does this tolerance from the morally superior Left extend as far as other items? Well, we know they don’t support people protesting abortions done for birth control in front of abortion clinics; in fact, they went so far as to pass laws to keep pro-life people from protesting too close to these clinics. Those morally superior human beings on the Left badmouth anyone who is against anyone who is against same-sex marriage on religious grounds; I’ve explained previously that leftists will attempt to violate the U.S. Constitution’s Article VI (this disallows religious tests be done for those who would work in government) and First Amendment (free expression of religion) in order enforce tolerance towards same-sex marriage. And I haven’t seen anything about the tolerant New York Port Authority bureaucrats who have refused to help rebuilding St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Christian Church, a building actually destroyed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But I have an exit question to pose. How many of these morally superior people on the Left would support the activities of the pigs in the Westboro so-called “Baptist” so-called “Church”? I don’t mean the right of the “church” members to do their disgusting activities. No, I mean do those on the Left actually support and agree with what is being done by that group? And if those morally superior tolerant people on the Left don’t support Westboro’s actions, doesn’t that mean that the Left isn’t really all that tolerant and opens them up to being hypocrites?

I think we know the answer to all these questions.

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