Palin Derangement Syndrome at the Christian Science Monitor

Source: HarperCollins/AP

Sarah Palin’s new book “America By Heart” is coming out this November. The Christian Science Monitor notes a new “scandal” regarding the cover shown above [note the horrible use of punctuation]:

If her first book, “Going Rogue,” had a red theme – which invited the obvious liberal answer, “Going Rouge.” This one, “America by Heart,” has got the gray thing going. Gray sweater, gray background. Even her eyes appear to have been airbrushed to a hazel-grayish shade, perhaps to match her sweater,…

And what source did CSM use to get this shocking piece of truly important, newsworthy, hard-hitting exposé? From the “truly reliable” Palin Derangement Syndrome-afflicted moonbats at The Mudflats blog.

I’m anxiously awaiting further “universe-shaking,” “earth-rattling” “journalism” about Sarah Palin coming from the left. Or not.

Hat tip goes to Hot Air Headlines which titles it’s entry “New Palin scandal: Her eye color on the new book cover looks weird or something”.