Why Do Liberals Hate The Constitution?

The title of this post can be used almost every time when discussing liberals.

And they do hate the United States Constitution. If they loved it, liberals wouldn’t spend so much time trying to subvert it. This is either through the courts by having liberal activist judges and Justices legislating unconstitutionally or via unelected bureaucrats making “rules” they have no business making. It also occurs when Congress or state legislatures write laws that turn the Constitution, and our rights, on its ear. The Obamacare health deform seems to be such a law (and will hopefully be overturned or repealed in full). But two blatantly unconstitutional laws, one from a state, one from Congress, were voted on. One is the Massachusetts law that will try to do an end-around of the Electoral College (H/T: Dave Poff), and an abomination from Congressional Democrats that was given the Orwellian name the Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections (DISCLOSE) Act (H/T: Michelle Malkin).

I’ve covered my concerns about how laws like the one recently passed in Massachusetts after Illinois passed a similar one back in 2008, signed by then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich (that should be enough to give one pause). The law says that after a certain number of other states pass similar legislation, the electors of the state will vote for the Presidential candidate who received the highest number of popular votes in the nation, even if the majority of that state’s population voted for another candidate. In a nutshell, laws like this do three things: 1) the notion of the United States being a bunch of independent states being in common cause is thrown out the window; 2) the idea that the United States is a federal republic is completely subverted; and, 3) by law, the voters of all states, but especially the voters of those states who pass such a law, will be disenfranchised since their votes won’t count. The fact that these laws are being passed without an attempt to properly amend the U.S. Constitution is just as egregious as well. But that doesn’t matter to those who have passed such laws. And while some Republicans have voted for these measures, the liberal ones, it has been Democrats, especially the liberals, who have been pushing for these measures. The Boston Globe piece I linked to, which is very well and fairly written, contains details on what proponents and opponents say about laws like the one just passed in Massachusetts.

The leftist Democrats (which is all of them; there are no moderate Democrats) in Congress have also been trying to pass another law that undermines all Americans’ right of free speech guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution, the DISCLOSE Act. Ever since President Obama, during his State of the Union speech earlier this year, wrongly chastised the Supreme Court for their Citizen’s United ruling, acting like a demagogue and outright lying about what the ruling meant, the worst leftists in Congress (a couple of House RINOs sponsored it as well) wrote up this mess that is a complete violation of the First Amendment. The first question that has to be asked is, have any of these clowns even read the First Amendment or the U.S. Constitution? (The obvious answer is no.) Although the House passed it last year, the Senate, thankfully, stopped it for now by voting against cloture, 57-41. The only Democrat who voted against cloture was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who had changed his vote from “yes” to “no”. As explained by Hans von Spakovsky:

Under Senate rules, this means he [Reid] can move for reconsideration and have a second vote on the cloture motion.

So the bill isn’t quite dead yet, but considering how much longer the 111th Congress has left, there isn’t much time for it to be considered again. Of course, we should also assume they will try again. As noted by the piece I linked to earlier from The Hill, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said this:

“And we will go back at this bill again and again and again until we pass it,” he said. “It’s that vital, not to Democrats, not to Republicans, but to the future of people’s faith in the functioning of this government.”

Of course, Schumer is lying. And he is willing to throw the First Amendment under the bus at the same time.

As mentioned by Mark Levin on his radio show last night, it is a travesty that passage of this bill was as close to passing as it was. The so-called moderate Democrats in the U.S. Senate, Lincoln of Arkansas and Nelson of Nebraska, voted to end debate and allow a vote to be brought to the full Senate on this horribly unconstitutional measure. Even if these two and the 41 Republicans voted against it, the DISCLOSE Act would have become law, that is unless the Supreme Court struck it down (which is a crap shoot at this point since only 5 Justices ruled for the majority in Citizen’s United). This is just another attempt by the leftist liberals to take away rights that are supposed to be guaranteed and expand their statist agenda of increasing the power of government.

Elections have consequences. We have a group of people in the federal government, that is every single Democrat and a few squishy Republicans, ready, willing, and able to violate the U.S. Constitution, the law, and steal our rights. Get them out of office this November.