My Take on the Shirley Sherrod Story

This is going to be a bit rough to read, but conservatives need to read this. Andrew Breitbart did not get Shirley Sherrod let go from her job at the USDA. Conservatives did not get Shirley Sherrod let go from her job at the USDA. The responsibility for that lies completely with the Obama administration, although the administration is trying to deny it. Neither Breitbart or conservatives sought to demonize Shirley Sherrod. The NAACP did that on their own before retracting their statement. It is admirable, and the right thing, for Erik Erickson, Caleb Howe, Ace, Glenn Beck, Charles Krauthammer, and others to take Ms. Sherrod’s side in all this after it was determined that what she said in the video Breitbart released was not the whole story, especially after it was found that the widow of the farmer that Sherrod did help spoke up in Sherrod’s defense. It shows the world something we conservatives already knew, that we have a heart.

So we know we have heart. Here’s where it gets rough. It’s time to harden those hearts.

There will be tremendous push back from the Left to blame Breitbart and conservatives for what happened to Sherrod. Even Sherrod sees that much of the fault for all this lies with the NAACP (H/T: The Anchoress; she has a great roundup on all this). But I guarantee the rest of the left won’t let go if they sense we are weak on this, which is why we conservatives have to be tough, and assign responsibility where it belongs.

And who owns the responsibility for all this activity? The left, of course. There are accusations, refuted by Breitbart, that the video he put out was edited. Yet, a heavily edited video put out by Think Progress was shown as “proof” of racism by Tea Party activists, except that it was thoroughly and righteously debunked by Right Klik and Bob Owens. The NAACP was going to put out a resolution denouncing the Tea Party activists as racist, then watered it down although the intent was still the same, based on the false accusations by several Democratic politicians of being spat upon and having racial epithets said at them. Think Progress (again) then comes out with an egregious post that uses guilt by no association trying to claim Tea Party people are racist because some racist jerk in New Hamphire said in a comment on his own blog that “the Tea Party movement is doing great things.” And thanks to the great work at The Daily Caller, we saw the horrible activities by the leftists that were a part of the Journolist to try to kill the story about the racist Rev. Wright a couple of years ago; the worst was Spencer Ackerman, who said he and his fellow leftists should come out and call conservatives racist, even if it isn’t true. Ackerman’s attempted ploy is SOP for these people; because most of the rest of the lame-stream media is as leftist as these Journolist punks, any false charge of conservatives or Tea Party activists being racist will not be questioned. At the same time, the left (which includes the NAACP) will happily defend real racists like the aforementioned Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, the New Black Panther Party, and even former members of the Ku Klux Klan who are Democrats.

What they didn’t count on was the ferocity of conservatives pushing back on them, especially Andrew Breitbart. Ever since Obama began running for President, the left has tried to paint anyone who opposes his policy positions as racists, saying that this opposition is due to conservative racism. We know why the left does this; they don’t want to have to answer for the failed policies of the President they support.

And where has our post-post-racial President been all this time? The silence from the White House has been deafening. I still remember how Obama tried to claw out of his Rev. Wright abyss with that pathetic race speech he gave a couple of years ago. Then he stepped in it with that Harvard professor that got arrested, who was screaming “RACISM!!!” the whole time, and immediately blamed the cops without looking into it. For a guy who said he wanted America to look beyond race, Obama has done nothing to discourage the smears coming from his supporters, the ones who keep screaming “RACISM!!!” at the drop of a hat.

Or how about the current Attorney General who smeared all Americans by calling them cowards when it comes to race? I think Mr. Holder’s statement needs to be directed towards those that support him and the administration. They are the ones who are refusing to have any kind of a civil discussion. About pretty much everything.

The left has been, figuratively, trying to kill conservatives with the equivalent of the death by 1000 cuts with all of their false racism narratives. Andrew Breitbart came back, figuratively, with a gun. Keep hitting the left that way and these leftist clowns will finally be exposed for the frauds they are.