Cause and Effect in Greenwald's Hatred of America

Glenn Greenwald has an interesting post on how the War on Terror caused the British domestic intelligence agency MI-5 to almost become “swamped” with the rise of radicalized Muslims in Britain, especially after the invasion of Iraq, and keeping track of the increase in plots. The reason the post is interesting, and not in a good way, is because it veers off into the mystical realm where every crackpot conspiracy theory lies. But it seems that Greenwald needs to find new items to feed his intense hatred of America, the country he claims to be a citizen of, usually something that will “explain” how America “created” all these Islamist terrorists.

Greenwald makes the claim that it was America’s and Britain’s involvement in invading the “two Muslim nations” of Afghanistan and Iraq that was the catalyst for the rise of British Muslim radicalization. Right.

Here’s the “logic” used by the sock puppet:

British Muslims became “radicalized” and “swamped” that country with Terrorist plots only after watching the Government attack two separate Muslim nations. Add to that things like lawless detentions, Guantanamo, a torture regime, attacks in places like Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen and others — all on top of two occupations in the Muslim world that will extend for a full decade at least — and only the densest among us (or those who actively desire high levels of Terrorism threats for their own interests) will fail to see how the very policies justified in the name of fighting Terrorism are the ones most exacerbating that problem.

The problem here is that “the densest among us” are those who listen to and believe this charlatan.

After the screed I quoted above, Greenwald then goes off his rocker:

[And, as always, those who have been told that American interference and violence in the Muslim world began only after 9/11 should read about Mohammad Mossadegh; Joy Gordon’s new book on the devastation brought by American air attacks on Iraq in the Persian Gulf War and especially the decade-long sanctions regime that followed; our endless support for continuous Israeli wars and occupation in that part of the world; and our decades-long support for tyrants from Egypt to Indonesia]

Greenwald has gone off the deep end. You notice what he’s doing here; he’s creating a narrative where the U.S. has always been in the wrong. But then Greenwald goes crazy by trying to tie the above events as a justification for why Islamist terrorists are Islamist terrorists and why the Islamist terrorists committed the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Mohammed Mossadegh? The man was an extremely secular leftist (like Greenwald) who stole property that wasn’t his, not an Islamist, and a Shiite Muslim, someone an Al Qaeda terrorist would try to kill. Devastating U.S. air attacks on Iraq during Operation Desert Storm? Is Greenwald kidding? We were kicking Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait after that tyrant’s illegal invasion of that country; notice that Greenwald doesn’t mention that. The sanctions that followed were authorized by the UN, not the U.S. alone. His Israel reference is nothing more than an inference to Greenwald being a self-loathing Jew. We supported tyrants during the Cold War? OK. Would it have been better for the Communists in the Soviet Union and China to have supported Communist tyrants? How do any of these isolated events have anything to do with what Islamist terrorists have done to the U.S. over the last several decades? It’s a question with an answer: they don’t. Except to America-hating liars like Greenwald. When it comes to terrorism, as with criminality, Greenwald is a typical namby-pamby leftist; something the U.S. did caused the Islamist terrorists to become what they are. Never will Greenwald admit that the Islamist terrorists are the ones at fault, choosing to become Islamist terrorists regardless of reason. If Greenwald admitted that, his whole reason for existence would fall to dust. So he’ll go so far as to seek out anything that supports his view (check out his first and last link in the post) and ignore everything that doesn’t. This is typical Greenwald.

As with Greenwald’s reference to Operation Desert Storm, he purposely neglects any acts of the American government to help Muslims. The U.S. helped Afghanis fight the Soviet Union following their illegal invasion of Afghanistan. The U.S. sent peacekeeping troops to Lebanon to help them out; Hezbollah pigs repaid us by blowing up over 200 U.S. Marines. The U.S. sent troops to help feed starving Muslims in Somalia; it was President Clinton and the UN who changed that mission that led to the disaster in Mogadishu. The U.S. helped Muslims out in the former Yugoslavia. The U.S. has never tried to conquer a Muslim country. The U.S. is allied with most Muslim nations. And three Presidents, along with the Israeli government, have been trying to help the Palestinians establish their own country, only to see the Palestinians screw it up every time (Greenwald, being a self-loathing Jew, falsely blames Israel every time). Again, for Greenwald to acknowledge any of this would go against the America-hating narrative he pursues.

Here is something else. While trying to defend Islamist terrorists, Green simplistically portrays all Muslims as tantrum-prone children, willing to act out in anger over any perceived outrage. While this would be an accurate description of Islamist terrorists, and even Greenwald himself (no, I’m not saying he’s a terrorist; but he is known for his hysterics), it certainly isn’t accurate for the vast majority (I would argue, more than 99%) of the world’s Muslims. But Greenwald is willing to denigrate all Muslims in order to keep to his America-hating narrative.

Cause and effect. Glenn Greenwald hates the United States, along with a good number of its people (anyone who votes for those politicians he hates). This has caused Greenwald to go so far as to embrace a conspiracy theory that normally only shows up in leftist la-la land. Unfortunately, he isn’t alone as there are plenty of sycophants who agree with his trash, either in post comments or links from other leftists. Fortunately, it’s very easy to debunk the falsehoods he presents and prove his undying hatred of everything good that America stands for.