It's 3:00am...Again

We’ve had 71 3:00am’s since the Deepwater Horizon disaster begain. Remember the Hillary Clinton “It’s 3:00am…” ad (for a refresher, go here)? Via Ace, RightChange has a devastating ad. Do watch the whole thing:

Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo.

Like I said above, there have been 71 3:00am’s since this epic environmental disaster began and Obama has yet to answer the call. Between the Interior Department under the disgraceful Sec. Henry Salazar (and the various agencies under Interior’s auspices, most notably the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service), the State Department, the Justice Department, the Homeland Security Department (especially FEMA), the Coast Guard, and the disgraceful EPA, Capt. Kickass has managed to throw the machinations of the federal bureaucracy to stifle and block just about every meaningful effort to keep the oil emanating from the wrecked well from hitting the shores of most of the Gulf states. The Democratic “leadership” running Congress has done nothing to prod the Obama administration into a more focused effort. All we’ve seen since the Obama speech of 13 days ago is more bureaucracy to gum up the works, although Capt. Kickass did have time to remind all of us that Energy Sec. Chu won a Nobel Prize. Now I’ve heard that the President is sending Sheriff Smartass down there. Oh that gives me hope. NOT!!!

This isn’t some aberration. When the former commander in Afghanistan, Gen. McChrystal, had asked for more troops, Capt. Kickass hemmed and hawed for months before finally coming to a decision. Think about it this way; imagine Obama as President when 9/11 happened. Scary, ain’t it? And we have more than two years of this to go.

The first step is to get the clown show that is the Congressional Democratic “leadership” out of their positions of power this November.

I’ve been out of blogging for awhile. Lots of stuff going on that kept me from posting anything. OK, I’ve been lazy too. I’m not sure if I’ll start posting regularly again; time will tell.