Stupak, The Gullible Loser, Helps America Lose

Gee, who would have thought Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) wasn’t going to do the big cave-in? Well, now he’s got the big “L” for loser stuck on his forehead. Here’s Stupak taking the word of the most pathological of liars, and the most pro-abortion and pro-infanticide politician, ever to sit in White House to get this done. So not only are Stupak and the other cowardly Obamabot flunkies doing their master’s bidding, they are going to help America turn into Greece faster than Greece did. At the same time, Democrats are all giddy and happy about their winning a vote, even though it means America loses.

Never in my life will I believe another Democrat about anything again. Ever. They have no honor. And any Democrat who claims to be for America had better switch parties before I believe it to be true.

Regardless of whether or not the reconciliation bill passes in either House, about the only thing I can see to immediately hope for is having the courts get rid of this completely unconstitutional travesty. I know I’ve already worked on getting registered to vote in Arkansas and will do anything I can to see every Democrat running for office in this state put on unemployment (so to speak).