Obamacare And The Hot Dog

With phoenix-like resilience, Democratic attempts to resurrect Obamacare have begun again in earnest yesterday as Teh Won unveiled a hybrid of the House and Senate versions that passed last year. We know it has everything to do with control of the people as opposed to the Orwellian spin that Obamacare has to do with health care. Later on yesterday, I saw this on the ABC News website, “Should Hot Dogs Carry Warning Label for Kids? Hot Dogs Are a Choking Hazard for Small Children, Experts Warn in New Pediatrics Report.” ABC’s World Nightly News with Diane Sawyer also had a report (click on the image to watch):

There you go, thinking the nanny-staters are at it again. And you’d be right. They are. Another group that claims to speak for certain doctors, the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP), put out a statement. Recommendations include:

  • Warning labels on foods that pose a high choking risk.
  • A recall of food products that pose a significant choking hazard.
  • The establishment of a nationwide food-related choking-incident surveillance and reporting system.
  • Food manufacturers should design new food and redesign existing food to minimize choking risk.
  • CPR and choking first aid should be taught to parents, teachers and child care providers.

Here’s what is really ironic: per the ABC News report, Ball Park and Oscar Mayer already put labels on their products containing guidance for parents on how to serve hot dogs to children; Hebrew National also supports providing parents with this kind of information.

But the AAP, being “experts”, wants these manufacturers to go even further, having the government force them to redesign and re-engineer the hot dog. These are exactly the kinds of “experts” that the statists in the Obama administration listen to. Because they’ve done it before.

Remember late last year when the Department of Health and Human Services’ United States Preventive Services Task Force made a recommendation that women between 40- and 50-years old don’t need exams to screen for breast cancer, and that women over 50 should have them done every two years instead of annually? There was a huge uproar over this as the people saw that a recommendation of this type would eventually find its way into Obamacare, putting millions of women at risk unnecessarily to save a few bucks; this “task force” is exactly the kind of “death panel” that Sarah Palin warned would be in Obamacare. Would it also extends to hot dogs? If it’s something that can be used by a demagogue like Obama, I have no doubt it will.

When I heard snippets of Obama talking about his “health care reform” BS, I kept yelling out “You lie!!!” Because that’s what he did. What is being proposed is the reduction of the quality of health care in this country. This plan, more so than either the House or Senate versions, will accelerate the implementation of a single-payer system that Obama the leftist wants in place. Companies that offer health insurance will be driven out of the business as the government imposes upon them a requirement to expand what is covered while disallowing insurance providers from being able to afford the additional amounts they will have to spend for this expanded coverage.

By its nature, Obamacare will have to ban the hot dog as well to keep children away from potential medical conditions, choking, that it won’t want to pay for. Like annual breast cancer screenings for women over 40.