Iran To Get Nukes Due To Bush Derangement Syndrome

Yes and No. It’s besides the point; I’m just glad I have a reason to use the picture. And what a reason:

(CNN) — Iran may be working on secretly developing a nuclear warhead for a missile, the head of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog agency said Thursday in a draft report.

I am in no way a fan of jumping headlong into a war with Iran and never was. However, I have always been for leaving the military option on the table during any negotiations with Ahmadinejad and the mad mullahs running that country; it’s always a good idea to make sure potential enemies have the fear of God (or Allah, in this case) put into them by putting a proverbial gun to the heads of those you’re negotiating with.

Remember the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) in regards to Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities? I do. In fact, the 2007 NIE provided a comparison of its information with that of a 2005 Intelligence Community estimate (it’s on the last page of the PDF):

The last two items are similar enough. But that first item was the killer; the 2007 NIE turned everything on its ear saying that there was high confidence Iran had stopped trying to develop a nuclear-grade warhead in 2003, and with moderate confidence it hadn’t started up again by 2007. Israel sent a delegation of its own intelligence people to convince the U.S. government otherwise. In 2008, German intelligence confirmed the Iranians were continuing their work beyond 2003, disputing the 2007 NIE.

So why would U.S. intelligence put out such a gross underestimation of what the Iranians were doing? As far as I can tell, it’s never been officially figured out. It is common knowledge that President Bush had lots of enemies both at the CIA and the State Department, so it’s possible that there was an attempt internally within the administration to embarrass Bush. Plus, I’m sure they didn’t want a repeat of the WMDs that never showed up in Iraq.

The Democrats and the left had a ball. In my previous post, I linked to a whole bunch of lame-stream media articles and from the usual suspects of leftist miscreants who believed the ChimpyMcBushHitlerCheney monster had been thwarted in his/their attempt at further military adventure against Iran. Then-Sen. Joe Biden tried to get some wholly unconstitutional memo put together and sent to Bush saying the President would be impeached if there was an order for a military strike on Iran without Congressional authorization.

Another loser was Iran’s BFF at the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed ElBaradei. This jerk was as much of a help to the Iranian government’s nuclear ambitions as were the Democrats and the leftists in this country.

Well, Iran’s BFF was replaced at the end of last year by a new director general, Yukio Amano, and Amano seems to be shaking things up by having the IAEA issue this first report under his tenure. There’s another first reported by CNN:

It’s the first time that the the International Atomic Energy Agency has issued such a strong warning about current Iranian nuclear activities.

The statement comes in an IAEA draft report obtained by CNN. The report, dated Thursday, has not yet been approved by the board of governors of the IAEA…

The paper lists a catalog of ways in which the Islamic state is allegedly defying U.N. orders about its nuclear program…

The agency previously expressed concerns about Iran’s past nuclear activities, but Thursday’s draft report seems to be the first time it has warned about current Iranian activities.

I encourage everyone to read the whole thing.

For a year, Obama has made it a point to try to negotiate with the brutal rulers of Iran only to be rebuffed every time. He’s all but ignored the Iranian government’s slaughter of their own people who are tired of the mullahs and Ahmadinejad running their country into the ground; Teh Won seems more interested in getting a deal just so he has something to show the world, and so he can get back to wrecking our country even further.

Recent noises from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seem to indicate the administration knows about what is in the new IAEA report as the rhetoric has changed rather dramatically from the usual “hopey” “changey” crap that Obama usually spouts. It remains to be seen if it’s not too late to prevent the mad mullahs from attaining the ability to build their own nuclear weapons, with the idea that they may sell them to their “friends” in Hamas and Hezbollah (and whomever else).

Of course, the U.S. and the world wouldn’t be in this mess with Iran if Democrats had put the country first instead of their own attempt to gain power by denigrating President Bush just about the entire time he was first elected back in 2000.

Leftists, well, they just hate any and all Americans who will not follow their pronouncements or beliefs. The Left’s only goal seems to be foisting upon the American people the fascist/socialist/statist utopia they’ve envisioned for at least a century or longer. An issue like the fanatic religious tyrants ruling Iran having nuclear weapons is something to quickly bargain away, appeasement, because it gets in the way of the ultimate goal. We know their BDS was used to help prevent President Bush from being able to do anything meaningful with Iran; it’ll be interesting to see how Obama reacts to these developments and the left’s reaction to that.

(Hat tip: Lucianne.com)