If There Was An ACLU In Venezuela

What do you think would happen if there was an ACLU-type group in Venezuela after reading this:

A state-run power company is urging its employees to seek divine intervention to help Venezuela resolve severe electricity shortages that prompted President Hugo Chavez to declare an energy emergency.

Edelca, one of the country’s state power companies, called on its workers to attend a prayer meeting this week titled: “Clamor to God for the National Electricity Sector.” The invitation, which includes a quote from the Bible, was sent to all the company’s employees Monday in a letter signed by Edelca’s president, Igor Gavidia Leon.

We know Venezuela isn’t America, and the state under Chavez isn’t anything like the U.S. But just for grins, imagine if the system of government in that country were similar enough to ours so that an event like the one being thrown by Edelca would cause a VCLU (Venezuelan Civil Liberties Union) to file a lawsuit claiming the state was trying to establish a God-fearing religion (as opposed to the Chavez-fearing secular religion that is already in place). Think of the irony.

You know things are really bad in Venezuela when even portions of a government-controlled company are calling on God to save them. If the Venezuelans really want to pray to God for something substantial, they should pray for the overthrow of Chavez.

(Hat tip: Lucianne.com)