Maybe Some Good Came Out Of The Undiebomber's Interrogation

Y’all are going to have to work with me on this. I hate the law enforcement approach in battling terrorists, especially Al Qaeda terrorists. I think the idea of Mirandizing terrorists prior to a full interrogation is a huge detriment to the national security of this nation while it’s at war. The fact that some new group that is supposed to interrogate terrorists isn’t yet in place shows the seeming indifference by Attorney General Holder and his boss in using all available tools to fight terrorism, along with being unconscionable and tantamount to official malfeasance. But it also looks like the administration is finally getting dragged kicking and screaming into this part of the fight, no matter how hard they battle against it. They have no choice.

Here’s why.

As reported by the AP, the FBI did not immediately Mirandize the Undiebomber, interrogating the terrorist for nearly an hour during one period, then turning over the interrogation to another team a few hours later. After that second interrogation, the Undiebomber was read his “rights” and he shut up. But that first interrogation did yield what officials are calling actionable intelligence. Naturally, conservatives and Republicans are up in arms about the Mirandizing, and concerned that nothing came out of the interrogations, as well we should be.

But the day before, ABC News put out a report about potential female Al Qaeda suicide terrorists from Yemen. Remember, Yemen is where the Undiebomber got his training by Al Qaeda. Along with that information came this:

Separately, Britain raised its terrorism threat level to “severe,” its second-highest level, days before London hosts major international meetings on how to deal with militancy in Afghanistan and Yemen. Britain’s threat level had been labeled “severe” for several years before being lowered last summer to “substantial.”

Not only that, six other people around the world on the no-fly list were stopped from boarding planes in London, Nairobi, St. Maarten, Minneapolis, and Ft. Lauderdale.

In addition, the federal government is getting serious about looking further into the activities of Anwar Awlaki, the Islamist cleric residing in Yemen that has been named by both the Undiebomber and Maj. Nidal Hassan (the Ft. Hood terrorist) as a major influence in the latter two’s descent into terrorism.

Considering all that has gone on in the last few days, it is possible, and I would add very probable, that the U.S. did get some good information from the Undiebomber before he was allowed to keep his mouth shut.

More heat needs to be turned on the administration in getting the new interrogation group in place to avoid Mirandizing terrorists until information can be yanked out of terrorists. The way things are currently isn’t working; if we did get actionable intelligence out of the Undiebomber and the events above were in any way due to that intelligence, it was sheer luck that it all came together, not by any policy in place by the administration.

(Hat tip: DRJ at Patterico)