Maybe Our Constitutional Law Professor President Shouldn’t Ignore The Constitution - Part Deux

UPDATE: I can’t get the video to work. You can either watch it at the White House website, or view the entire post, including the video, below at my blog. Or just read the transcript that I link to below.

Teh Won, someone who claims to be an “expert” on the U.S. Constitution, decided to discuss how wrong the Citizens United v. FEC decision was (transcript here):

Now tell me something. Did you hear in his spiel anything about the Constitution? No? How about the Bill of Rights? The First Amendment? Free speech? Still no? Don’t worry, I didn’t either. That’s because our Constitutional “expert” of a President doesn’t bother mentioning any of those things.

With considerable hubris, the President creates a tone where his obfuscation about how he has “closed the revolving door between lobbying firms and the government” sounds like he gave the American people some kind of gift. As seen with the administration’s lack of transparency and closed-door deals with all kinds of lobbyists, Teh Won is lying through his teeth. Then he starts in on the Citizens United decision with the same hubris and the same obfuscation, neglecting to say any sentence that contains the words “Constitution”, “free speech”, or the other items I had previously noted. Near the end, Teh Won proceeds to explain how he and Congress (by that he means the leftist and statist Democrats in Congress) will make it a priority to address the decision. Excuse me, but the only way that can be done is to amend the Constitution by repealing the First Amendment, or at least the part having to do with free speech and assembly, not something the Congress can do by passing a bill; add that a President has absolutely no power of any kind in the amendment process. So it is apparent that President “Expert” is going to waste his and the people’s representatives’ time on something they can’t do anything about, at least not without the rest of us in all 50 states.

And by the way, Mr. President, how’s that economy doing? Are things going along so swimmingly that you can drop everything else to address a Constitutional matter that you have no control over as President? It is simply amazing to me that this supposed law professor would act so stupidly about something Teh Won is supposed to be an expert on and that his oath as President requires him to defend.

The donkey has been a symbol of the Democratic Party for as long as I can remember. Never in my wildest dreams would I believe it to be so à propos a symbol considering its current leader is acting like a complete jackass.