More From Holder's (In)Justice Dept.

Following on yesterday’s post where I lay much of the blame for the Undiebomber being prosecuted in civilian court on Attorney General Eric Holder, the DoJ issued a statement justifying the action. Holder’s spokesmouth:

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s spokesman Matthew Miller said FBI agents obtained useful intelligence from Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab after he was arrested but before he was charged for allegedly trying to blow up Northwest Flight 253 as it flew from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day.

“He has already provided intelligence, and we will continue to work to gather intelligence from him,” Miller said in a sharply-worded statement.

Why doesn’t that sound very believable? How will they gather further intelligence when he has been granted the right to remain silent? Cut him a deal? And will Holder share this “further intelligence” with the CIA, the military, and other relevant agencies?

Miller’s statement shows that Holder is in complete CYA mode:

It followed escalating attacks by Republicans in recent days on the Obama administration that have tried to portray the White House and Democrats as weak on national security. That has threatened to distract the White House from other issues.

Actually, these Republican concerns about America’s enemies doesn’t threaten any other Obama administration issue. In fact, it is first and foremost the responsibility of any administration to defend the nation and the Constitution, especially while the nation is at war. These concerns, concerns about granting the Undiebomber the rights to a lawyer and to remain silent, just highlight that The Won is not acting like a Commander in Chief, which is what the Constitution says he’s supposed to be.

Miller countered with a non sequiter:

But the Justice Department spokesman shot back that Abdulmutallab would not be forced to divulge intelligence in a military court and he would still get a lawyer.

This is a big nothing. The Undiebomber wouldn’t be brought up before a military court until after he had been thoroughly interrogated, something that doesn’t occur during a regular law enforcement investigation.

Later on, Miller puts out an outright lie:

But the Justice Department retorted that Abdulmutallab was only read his rights after he was interviewed by FBI agents, Obama’s national security team was in the loop and that pursuing the case in a criminal court would not prevent them from obtaining further intelligence.

As was seen by information in my post yesterday, the rest of the national security team was completely out of the loop on this.

Holder needs to be hauled up before Congress and vilified. Then Congress must demand that Holder be removed as Attorney General since all he’s done in that job is undermine the government’s ability to defend the nation from a vicious enemy it is at war with.