Does Anyone In The Obamaland White House Know There's A War On?

Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair and FBI Director Robert Mueller were on Capitol Hill yesterday before the Senate Homeland Security (Blair) and Judiciary (Mueller) Committees yesterday. What they admitted was absolutely stunning. But that isn’t all. We have the Hasan report from the DoD which has been trashed by everyone who understands we’re in a war. Then, there is another related travesty from our illustrious Secretary of State.

The bottom line is that some Obama administration heads need to roll. But not necessarily those that have been mentioned.

Read on.

Blair said definitively that the Undiebomber should not have been Mirandized and provided a taxpayer-funded lawyer so quickly after being arrested. Although questioned initially prior to being read his rights (to remain silent), Blair said the Undiebomber should have been turned over to the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) first. The HIG, established last August and made up of individuals from the FBI and the CIA reporting to the White House (the National Security Council), was set up to replace the CIA-only interrogations of terrorists like the Undiebomber. Here’s the problem: Blair wasn’t exactly on the level about the HIG; it turns out Blair had to amend his statement saying the HIG isn’t fully operational yet. Four months after establishing the HIG, and it still wasn’t in place when the Undiebomber was arrested? Four months? It’s bad enough that the Undiebomber got as far as he did considering all the flaming red flags that were missed; but to find out that the program to interrogate terrorists still isn’t in place? This is like Obama’s statement to close Gitmo, even though there was absolutely no planning on how to do it. It isn’t like The One didn’t want to take this authority away from the CIA since it was in the works since he took office. But four months? No wonder there’s so much finger-pointing going on.

Then there’s Mueller. Look, I like Mueller; he’s been a good director. But even Mueller’s effectiveness has fallen off under the Obama and Eric Holder regime:

After a little discussion on whether there might be exceptional circumstances in which non-Miranda statements could be used against Abdulmutallab, Sessions zeroed in on the question of just who was responsible for making the decision to try Abdulmutallab as a civilian. “Are you satisfied that you have a clear understanding, a national policy about how these people should be treated once they are apprehended?” Sessions asked. “It sounds to me like the guys on the ground just made a decision on the fly.”

“There are decisions made whether or not to arrest somebody, and our arrest powers — ” Mueller began.

“Not arrest powers,” Sessions interrupted. “That’s not a problem. Were you contacted about whether or not this individual should be treated as an unlawful enemy combatant or a civilian criminal?”

“No,” said Mueller.

Can you believe this? I’m not saying Mueller, or any other FBI Director, needs to be involved in every single arrest of a terrorist or anyone else. But guidelines should have been put in place right after the HIG was established; that’s what the task force that recommended the establishment of the HIG was supposed to do. Four months after that and the government still had no idea what to do with those like the Undiebomber.

Then you have the report that the military put out regarding the Fort Hood massacre. Even Time couldn’t miss it; there is absolutely no mention of terrorist/traitor Nidal Hassan or Islamist terrorism. They interviewed John Lehman, President Reagan’s Navy Secretary and a 9/11 Commission member:

The Pentagon report’s silence on Islamic extremism “shows you how deeply entrenched the values of political correctness have become,” he told TIME on Tuesday. “It’s definitely getting worse, and is now so ingrained that people no longer smirk when it happens.”

Even as President George W. Bush was battling those Islamists out to kill us, the military was being continually downgraded due to a political correctness being foisted upon it and everyone else by leftists. Now we have a practitioner of that same destructive political correctness running the administration, so it’s no surprise, yet still very maddening, that this is going on. Any harsh criticism of the Obama administration over this is assuredly justified.

Then, we have this gem:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has lifted a U.S. ban on a planned visit by a leading European Muslim critic of the Iraq war, in a move rights groups hailed as a victory for civil liberties.

Clinton signed orders which ended the ban on Professor Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University, who was barred due to alleged terrorism ties which he denies, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said on Wednesday.

Remember that ad that Clinton ran when she was a candidate about who would be ready to take that 3:00am call, her or Obama? Most of us figured The One wasn’t ready; now, we see Clinton isn’t nearly as stalwart about national security as many figured (I never believed Clinton would be any better than Obama, but it was a good ad).

Of course those in “rights groups” (the article mentions the ACLU; go figure) believe this is good for what they define as “civil liberties”, which aren’t real civil liberties at all. Their “approval” is all a smokescreen; there is no right guaranteed under the Constitution that allows a foreign national who espouses the same kind of views of those who are at war with the United States to come to this country. That is just ludicrous and stupid. They say it’s all in the name of “encouraging debate”. That’s bull. Pure and simple PC bull.

The problem is that there continues to be a direction from this administration that wants to try to say there isn’t a war going on, despite the plethora of evidence that proves the contrary (hello? remember 9/11?). But this problem isn’t due to all the people who run the various departments or agencies above, like Blair, Mueller, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, National Security Advisor Jim Jones, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (who should be fired for being stupid, although not necessarily for the Undiebomber incident; but I digress), or CIA Director Leon Panetta. While The One is the lead instigator in all this, he can’t be fired using normal methods. However, heads do need to roll.

In this case, the first would be Attorney General Eric Holder. This clown has absolutely no business being Obama’s top cop. This is the same jerk who couldn’t answer Sen. Lindsay Graham’s question about whether Osama bin Laden should be Mirandized if the terrorist is ever captured. More so than Bush’s AG Alberto Gonzales, Holder has so politicized justice that the DoJ is becoming completely ineffective in the war the U.S. is fighting; I mean, look at what’s going on with Mueller and the FBI. So along with other things, Holder should be hauled up before Congress and vilified; then he should be summarily fired for malfeasance and incompetence.

The other person who needs to go is Hillary Clinton, although I don’t think The One has the stones to dump her. Allowing terrorist sympathizers like Tariq Ramadan and others of his ilk into the country in the name of “debate” and political correctness is a complete violation of her oath to support and defend the Constitution and the United States. This should disqualify her from ever holding any federal office, either as an elected or appointed official.

As I asked, does anyone in the Obamaland White House know there’s a war on?

(Hat tip: Allahpundit)