Southers Withdraws From TSA Nomination

Erroll Southers has decided that after lying to the Senate over actions he did as an FBI agent, explaining that national security matters must take “man-made global warming” just as seriously as Islamist terrorism, and wanting to allow TSA employees to unionize (which would seriously hamper national security), it might be a good idea for him to remove himself as a nominee for the top job of the TSA.

Naturally, Southers blames the process and those who would put a full Senate vote (he had already passed through on the committee vote) on hold of having an agenda. Many Democrats and leftists have whined as well, especially since Undiebomber Christmas Day terrorist action (which had nothing to do with the TSA anyway). Of course, none of the Dems or libs have mentioned that it took The One eight months to nominate Southers in the first place. Southers looks like one of another convenient and unserious political choices to head up one of the government’s front line agencies that is helping to keep the country safe. Good riddance.

Maybe Obama will nominate a truly serious individual to head up the TSA, someone that is vetted better than pretty much most of the nominees Obama has put up so far for all his political appointees. I’m not holding my breath though.