Uh oh!!! The Democratic Coakley campaign finally caught Republican Senatorial candidate Scott Brown in an epic scandal. So much so that Ace put up the “flaming skull” to note it’s importance. Are you ready? Scott Brown…


5 properties!!!

The fiend. And he dares run for the seat previously held by…Democrat Ted Kennedy? I mean, come on…Kennedy was just one of the little guys, having made his money the old-fashioned way…he inherited it from his bootlegger father. And what about that other poor Democratic Senator from Massachusetts (or is it Massachusettes?), John “Francois” Kerry? Kerry “earned” his $167 million fortune the second-most old-fashioned way…marrying rich widows.

Worse, Brown owns a…wait for it…timeshare!!! The horror! The horror.

The title of the post comes from this comment on Ace’s thread. Note who posted it.