The Worm Has Turned...Government Health "Reform" Payday For MIT Economist Gruber

MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has been at the forefront of trying to show how the Obamacare health “reform” measure will help individuals pursue health insurance purchases in the private market, even though anyone with a clue knows that is a crock. He’s cited repeatedly by the Democrat media and leftist blogs as an authority, as well as on blogs by some respected economics experts. Megan McArdle:

But he probably wouldn’t have been cited with quite the same authority–particularly by mainstream media–if he’d been more upfront about the fact that he’s being paid almost $300,000 by the Obama Administration for “special studies and analysis” of the health care bills, as a blogger on Firedoglake revealed last night. Ben Smith has the rundown; apparently most of the health care beat reporters were as unaware of the relationship as I was.

Remember that flap a few years ago about the Bush administration hiring conservative commentator Armstrong Williams to tout No Child Left Behind? The left had a field day with that. Then there was that deal with the military supposedly writing propaganda that were fed to Iraqi newspapers as news reports; again, the left went bananas, even claiming this was some sort of criminal act.

Well, the worm has truly turned. The Obama administration has said he didn’t want to emulate anything done by the Bush administration. Apparently, The One didn’t read his own memo. MIT’s Gruber tried to pass himself off as an objective third party selling the country on how wonderful Obamacare is while at the same time getting paid by the administration looking to pass this garbage. After the secret deals by The One and all the lies about transparency from the administration and the Democratic Congressional “leadership”, as well as the outright bribery that has taken place, this just takes the cake.

The lefties, for the moment, aren’t happy; however, most think Gruber’s expertise more than makes up for this hugely corrupt act. Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) was happy to cite Gruber yesterday without noting the MIT economist was a paid hack for the administration (ignorance by Kerry is not a defense).

The obvious question isn’t what would have happened if this was done under the Bush administration because it did several years ago with Armstrong Williams and we know what happened. The questions are how long will it take for the Democrat media to tell the American people, and how long it will take Congressional Republicans to pounce on this.