Matt Yglesias' Strange Views On Human Life

Lefty moron Matt Yglesias has a post insulting Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) called “Stupak’s Strange Views on Human Life“. Yglesias doesn’t understand Stupak’s opposition to the pro-abortion Senate version of the health “reform” travesty.

But never let it be said that a leftist like Yglesias really cares to understand. He bases his whole thesis on a ridiculous premise, then an outright lie:

The expansion of health insurance contained in this bill will save lives. But unless it also includes some restrictions on the ability of insurance plans to cover abortions, Bart Stupak will kill it.

Yglesias is an idiot if he thinks the hunk of crap secretly being put together in the bowels of D.C. will save any lives. We already know the “death panels” (rationing) will be in the bill. The transparency of this “reform” was shot to pieces months ago when The One made a secret deal with Pharma to get their support; it’s gotten worse since with all the secret deals put together by “pimp” Harry Reid (D-NV) to get “aye” votes from whores Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) (which has raised the ire of the idiotic Senator of my state, Blanch Lincoln (D-AR), who still voted for this despite all these deals). Add that the Mayo Clinic in Arizona will stop accepting new patients on Medicare. Forget what Yglesias is saying about this saving any lives. Ain’t gonna happen.

As far as this plan restricting insurance companies from not insuring all abortions, forget it. That is a lie by Yglesias. As I understand it, all that is restricted in the Stupak plan (like the Nelson amendment that went down to defeat last month) is any federal funding going to subsidize insurance plans that have abortions; abortions can be covered by insurance plans, provided those plans have zero federal dollars to subsidize them. With Yglesias using a ridiculous notion and a blatant lie as his basic premises, he comes out with this bit of bull thinking this is the end result of Stupak’s views of life:

Taking political action to save the lives of children and adults is morally praiseworthy, but the obligation to take political action aimed at securing legal restrictions on abortions is paramount and actually overrides obligations to aid the poor and the sick.

I have to wonder how dorks like Yglesias come up with their conclusions. How many lives have been lost thanks to the unrestricted abortions allowed by Roe v. Wade? Estimates are about a million a year going back to 1973 when the ruling came down. Yglesias wants these to be subsidized, yet, like most pro-abortion-on-demand leftists, refuse to recognize that lives are ending. And he’s worried about Stupak stopping “reform” that Yglesias says will save lives? On what planet does this jerk live on?

Yglesias refers to Stupak’s view of life as an “idiosyncratic political position.” I would call Yglesias view of life as support for Stalinesque policies.

(Hat tip: Memeorandum)