Obama Went To Copenhagen And All He Got Was...

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Oh sure, the administration claims there was some kind of non-binding agreement (as dutifully reported by AGW religious zealot New York Times “science” “reporter” Andrew Revkin). But anyone with a clue knows that is just another way of saying he got nothing. A big, fat nothing. I think Obama should avoid going to Copenhagen any time soon since he doesn’t seem to come back with anything (yes, we remember that whole Chicago Olympics fiasco).

The POLITICO‘s Glenn Thrush filed a report after The One gave his speech at Copenhagen. Ignore the original transcript of the speech before Obama gave it. The One’s tone while giving the speech was filled with much more anger than what you might have seen in the transcript that was provided beforehand. Even Thrush noted it, mentioning that Obama was “visibly angry.” But as you watch the speech, tell me if you see the same things I saw; a petulant child whining that he didn’t get his pony. His berating of everyone, especially China (incredible in and of itself considering how much they control the purse strings of the federal government, thanks in large part to The One himself) and India, was a fitting end to a disaster of a conference. Watch it all to get the full effect:

I’ve said it before, but the only examples of leadership that Obama has ever been personally engaged with before becoming a U.S. Senator from Illinois was that of corrupt Illinois Governors and Chicago Mayor Richard M. “Shortshanks”* Daley, who makes it a point to rip those who go against the Mayor’s policies. I don’t know what The One was thinking, but he should have known that acting like Daley was going to accomplish nothing; plus, venting is not usually proper in the midst of an international entourage. If accomplishing nothing was Obama’s goal, then it worked; for all I know, the conference wasn’t going anywhere anyway, with disagreements all throughout the proceedings. Somehow, though, getting nothing done isn’t what I think he was going for.

The world wanted The One to swoop in and save the day. And yet, he got nothing out of it. Except maybe some more derision from those who are America’s enemies (and even some benefactors; hello, China?).

The silver lining to all this, and there is one, is that at least the United States, just as with Kyoto, isn’t going to be held to some stupid international agreement that further erodes our freedoms. We get enough of that now with the Democrat oafs running Congress and the White House.

* – As attributed by John Kass of the Chicago Tribune.