Gee, Who Couldn't See This Coming?

From the Wall Street Journal, “House Ethics Office Ends Probe of Murtha, 2 Others” [emphasis from original]:

A key House investigating body has dropped its probe of Rep. John Murtha (D., Pa.) and two other members of the House’s defense-spending committee, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Office of Congressional Ethics has informed aides to Murtha as well as Reps. Norm Dicks (D., Wash.) and Jim Moran (D., Va.) that it is no longer looking into allegations that they traded government funding earmarks for campaign donations.

How unsurprising. Expect any further probe by this Office of Congressional “Ethics” to drop probes of other Democrats, like tax cheat Charles Rangel (D-NY).

The piece does say that Murtha is still being investigated by the DoJ. Considering who runs the Justice Department now, how long before that investigation goes away?


After the development, Melanie Sloan, the executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said congressional investigators have not been aggressive enough. “Yet again it appears that the congressional ethics committees exist to clear people of wrong doing,” she said.

Ya think? It’s amazing how the leftwing CREW has such a gift of understatement. Yet, CREW unabashedly pro-Democrat.

Just another display of Pelosi’s whitewashing of Democratic wrongdoing…

(Hat tip: Lucianne.com)