Ben Nelson Is A Liar And Other Health "Reform" Madness

So is every single solitary Democrat who claims they are either conservative or pro-life; they aren’t either of those things as far as I’m concerned. Call him a whore or call him Judas, he had a price, he was able to be bought in order to sell America out. If he thinks the language in Reid’s amendment regarding abortion is anything approaching to the amendment he wrote that failed to pass, he’s an even bigger liar.

So, let’s review what we’re going to get with this health “reform” travesty:

  • Higher insurance premiums for those with private or employer-provided insurance
  • Lower quality health care for seniors (the number of which are increasing at a higher and higher rate)
  • “Death Panels” (yes, they are in there)
  • Federal funding for abortion, in opposition to the Hyde Amendment (expect Hyde to go away)
  • A huge and ever increasing rise in health care costs
  • A huge increase in the federal government budget deficits (forget the what the CBO says)
  • A huge increase in the national debt (again, forget what the CBO says)

I’m sure there are other things.

Naturally, the same lying Democratic members of Congress will all say this “reform” is allowed under the Constitution. The Supreme Court has frequently ruled, especially since the days of FDR (and his packed court), that the Commerce clause allows Congress to regulate stuff that most normal people would think local in nature. Of course, even the CBO admitted during the debates on Hillary-care back in the 1990s that the federal government had never before forced anyone to purchase something, which was the case then as it is now.

It’s true that when buying or selling certain things (houses, cars, guns, etc.), government regulations, some on the federal level, may require further purchases or other requirements in order for the transaction to be completed. But again, something has to be purchased first. What’s new here is that being a responsible adult would now be regulated by Congress; for the privilege of living to a certain age in the United States, there will be a requirement to purchase health insurance or pay a fine. One doesn’t even have to go to the doctor either; the requirement is still there. The question then is, if I don’t engage in any health care commerce, how is it that the Commerce clause requires me to purchase health insurance? Answer: it doesn’t. That’s another big lie by Democrats. They’ve just thrown out the parts of the 5th and 14th Amendments that say the people have the right to “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”; the right to life now comes with a price, one that will cost us liberties as well as money from our wallets.

Of course, we already know that the Democrats will use this as a springboard towards their “fantasy”, government takeover of paying all health care providers (doctors, hospitals, drug companies, etc.), or a government takeover of the entire health care industry. Apparently, they don’t care how many rights they take away from every American, nor how much pain it costs, whether its physical or financial pain. They don’t care that most Americans don’t want this.

Call it a microcosm of how Democrats operate. Take a look at what The One got out of Copenhagen: a piece of paper, à la Neville Chamberlain, that signifies some sort of personal victory, despite the fact that it is a hollow victory signifying nothing. All the Democrats want to do here is win, and they don’t give a rat’s proktos of the consequences.

Yes, this “reform” is completely unconsititutional. Worse, it was put together by liars and whores. That is what makes up the members of the Democratic Party today.