Mantadhar al-Zeidi Gets His Comeuppance

Who in the Wide World of Sports is Mantadhar al-Zeidi? He’s the dork who threw his shoes at George W. Bush when that President visited Iraq for the last time. Al-Zeidi was arrested not long after that. Like a good terrorist, he claimed that he was tortured. Naturally, sock puppet Glenn Greenwald believed al-Zeidi the “journalist”; to Greenwald, a journalist is someone who claims to be one and hates the United States almost as much as Greenwald does, despite the fact that the sock puppet spends almost no time in this country (see here and here).

Jim Hoft has the video; from Fox News (via Bob Owens):

The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush in Baghdad last year had a taste of his own medicine Tuesday when he nearly got beaned by a shoe thrower at a news conference in Paris.

Unfortunately, the guy who threw his shoe missed al-Zeidi.

Not surprisingly, the sock puppet said nothing.

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