Happy Thanksgiving - Open Thread

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am thankful for having a very wonderful family, starting with my wife, her great kids, and the family that has welcomed me since we moved down here to Arkansas.

I am thankful to my wonderful father and stepmother, my brother and his wife and kids, my uncle, my aunt, and my cousins and their families.

I am thankful to the friends I have made throughout my life; the ones down here in Arkansas that I’ve made, and the ones I miss up in Illinois, and am thankful to have known everyone of them.

I am thankful for having been born and raised in this wonderful country we live in. I pray that it meets up to the standards that the Founding Fathers wanted to provide us.

And finally, I am thankful to God for all of these things, because without Him, none of these would exist.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!