Not A Pundit; An Idiot

Joe Klein. He starts out by listing what some of his journalistic colleagues saw as a few of President Obama’s failures over the past few weeks. Then he has this to say:

As a fully licensed pundit, I have the authority to weigh in here … but I demur. Oh, I could sling opinions about every one of the events cited above — some were unfortunate — but it would matter only if I could discern a pattern that illuminates Obama’s presidency. The most obvious pattern, however, is the media’s tendency to get overwrought about almost anything.

Klein being someone who worships The One can’t find a thing wrong with Obama; no, it’s the media, the same media that did everything in its power to get Obama elected.

The first item Klein listed early in his piece had to do with Obama not showing up in Berlin for the 20th Anniversary celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Later on, he comes out with this:

Why, for example, is the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall demolition so crucial that it requires a President’s presence?

And Klein has the nerve, the gall, to believe himself a “pundit”. He’s an idiot if he can’t figure out the answer to that question.

As Klein admits, he can’t find anything wrong with The One, can’t “discern a pattern that illuminates Obama’s presidency”. This makes sense since Klein can’t even answer why it was important for a U.S. President to be in Berlin. Klein doesn’t even address the fact that The One never bothered mentioning one of the key people who helped bring that wall down, President Ronald Reagan.

Naturally, Klein can’t help but lie about President George W. Bush at the same time he’s sucking up to his god:

One pattern that can be limned from the recent overseas controversies is that this President has a tendency to err in the direction of respect toward other countries. This is a witting reaction to the Bush Administration’s tendency to diss our allies and insult — or invade — our enemies.

Is he kidding? Bush dissed our allies? Which ones? (Rhetorical question; Klein would never answer it.) What an inveterate liar. Invade our enemies? One was Afghanistan; maybe Klein thinks terrorist attacks like the one on 9/11 shouldn’t have been thought as an act of war. The other was Iraq. That’s it. We didn’t invade Iran, or Syria, or North Korea, or Sudan, or Venezuela, or Cuba, or any other nation run by garbage that still exists in the world. Maybe Klein doesn’t believe any country, no matter how harmful they are to the U.S., is an enemy; of course, that means Klein doesn’t know what an ally is either.

Klein isn’t a pundit. He isn’t much of a writer either. Read the rest on an empty stomach.

(Hat tip: Memeorandum)