Newsweek Blogger "Outraged" At Conservative "Misogyny", Ignores Bosses' Misogyny

Poor dear. Newsweek blogger Katie Connolly has her knickers in a twist over Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh calling Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) a prostitute, one that is easy but not cheap considering Reid bought her health “reform” vote last Saturday for $300 million; it has been colloquially called “The New Louisiana Purchase”. Connolly goes into a long-winded explanation of whom she claims really wanted those funds (Jindal), how Senate deals get made (as if we didn’t know already), and how male members of Congress aren’t referred in the same manner as their female counterparts:

Of course I’m aware that neither radio host is suggesting that Landrieu actually traded sex for $300 million. I get that it’s a metaphor. But its a misogynist one that never gets applied to male senators.

Actually, I’m one who is happy to call male members of Congress whores, because that is what they often are.

In a post she wrote about the stolen cover photo of Sarah Palin used in the latest Newsweek issue, Connolly simply repeats the statement by her misogynist boss. So, Beck and Limbaugh are misogynists for referring to Landrieu as a prostitute, but Connolly isn’t upset enough at the misogyny of her own employers to do or say something about it. Something tells me that Katie Connolly, along with each of the other female employees of Newsweek, doesn’t have a problem with the double standard they exhibit on a regular basis.

You know, this whole thing about sexual references is nothing but a bunch of double standards by the statists. There were many who were upset at radio superstar Laura Ingraham when she said (and I’m paraphrasing) Nancy Pelosi did everything but sell her body to get the House version of the health “reform” bill passed. At the same time, these statists and leftists make a regular usage of the phrase “tea bagging” and “tea baggers”, a crude sexual term used by homosexuals, to refer to conservatives and those millions of Americans who went to various Tea Parties across the country, as Eleanor Clift did in another piece at…you guessed it, Newsweek.

I would say to Katie Connolly, spare me your faux “outrage”. It isn’t believable.

(Hat tip: Lucianne.com)