Sarah Palin Causing Leftist Beta-Males To Be Sniveling Cowards

Man, I wish I could take full credit for this post. But I can’t. The credit and Hat Tip belongs to Ed Morrissey.

The One’s puppets in his Organizing for America group put out a statement that was reported in The Hill:

President Obama’s political operation took a shot at Sarah Palin today, accusing her of lying on her media blitz.

“It’s dangerous,” Organizing for America Director Mitch Stewart said of Palin’s book tour.

As mentioned the other day, leftists have been trying to pin a tag of cowardice on conservatives opposed to the dangerous and stupid decision by The One and his AG to prosecute some terrorists in civilian court while prosecuting others in the military tribunals (all without any legal reasoning explaining why). Holder went so far as to show how “brave” (think “Brave Sir Robin”) he was by saying he was “not scared of KSM”. Naturally, the lefties followed suit. So, Morrissey asks this very pertinent question [emphasis from original]:

Even on that basis, we’re now to believe that giving al-Qaeda terrorists a global media platform for propaganda and recruitment isn’t at all dangerous … but a book tour should have people running for cover?

You can’t make this stuff up. Beta-males like this Mitch Stewart of OFA have become a mass of cowardice when it comes to Sarah Palin. Considering all the bits, bytes, pixels, and ink that have been spilled about Palin by her critics in just a little over a year, especially the master of all things gynecological, Andrew Sullivan, the fear these cowards put on display is simply something that to treasure. Especially with popcorn.