It's The Revolution, Baby!!! - UPDATE

UPDATE: Erick Erickson links to a piece by Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) in Human Events. As they say, read the whole thing. It’s just another example of how Obama is continuing the “revolution”, doing everything he can to destroy the previous administration.

Original post:

I realize that there are a lot more pressing items to discuss, but this has been floating around in my head for awhile and it’s time I get it out of there.

Barack Obama is a leftist. For most of us who call ourselves conservatives, the response to this is, “Duh!!! Tell me something I don’t know!”; yes, it’s an understatement. But many conservatives still talk about how Obama is in campaign mode despite the fact that he has already been elected President. Well, saying Obama is still in campaign mode is one way to put it. However, conservatives accusing him of this are quite a bit off the mark. It’s not that Obama is still campaigning, it’s a revolution, and it’s one he’s been on for quite awhile. It’s also a revolution that, for him, has no end. Why? Because of my first sentence in this paragraph, Barack Obama is a leftist. For leftist leaders, the revolution can never end. If it does, the people will realize they’ve been hoodwinked.

First, a little background.

There have been all kinds of revolutions throughout history. Thinking about it, only a few new governments that have been installed via a revolution have actually seen fit to end those revolutions. The three that come to mind are: the revolution in Rome that overthrew the monarchy (the kings of the time were Etruscans, not Romans), thus establishing the Roman Republic; the Glorious Revolution that set England on a course to be a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy, and the American Revolution. In every case, there was no call to continue the revolution. Sure there were upheavals, but those upheavals were followed by changes to the government that improved the condition of the people: in Rome, plebeians, the commoners, were given great power at the expense of the aristocratic patricians; in England (and subsequently, Great Britain), the House of Commons grew in importance. The effects of the American Revolution were far greater. Yet, the government of the United States never sought to continue the Revolution so to speak; there have been references to what is called “the American experiment”, but that phrase had to do with how the Constitution guaranteed the freedoms the people have.

But for leftist revolutions, beginning with the French Revolution and those in the 20th Century, the newly installed governments continued with those revolutions in order to maintain and expand power. These revolutions were notable not for just overthrowing an overbearing tyranny, but for establishing a newer, a more violent, and a more overbearing tyranny. The instability of the new regimes was usually masked by a false show of strength over internal enemies, which led to the bullying of the people by the leadership in the form of massively bloody reprisals in order to quell potential or perceived disruptions, while at the same time pushing propaganda upon the people to keep them distracted from the real problems within those governments. The propagandists from the left in this country use Orwell’s 1984 to falsely show how the U.S. government, especially when the President is a Republican, needs external enemies in order to maintain power, while leftists themselves truly practice the Orwellian approach in seeking internal enemies to crush; their Blue States are Oceania while the Red States are Eastasia. Leftists have to continue the propaganda that their governments are doing what they do in the name of the people at the same time they are butchering those same people. Looking at history, this didn’t happen following the establishment of the Roman Republic, nor with the ends of the Glorious and American Revolutions; but, this outright lying to the people was SOP for the French Revolution and every Communist revolution of the 20th Century.

The most powerful leftist leaders extant are the Castro brothers (especially Fidel) and Hugo Chavez. While Chavez hasn’t had the bloodlust of Fidel Castro up to this point, there is no doubt he is following in Castro’s footsteps. Over the years, Castro himself had an extremely annoying bad habit of reminding the Cuban people that the revolution he started had to continue, usually doing so in meandering, long-winded, and boring speeches, often lasting hours. There isn’t a leftist leader who hasn’t done this on a regular basis in order to maintain the lie that the leader was actually trying to do something to benefit the people.

Barack Obama doesn’t have the bloodlust of a Fidel Castro either. But, like Castro, Obama has that same annoying habit of giving meandering, long-winded, and boring speeches. Also like Castro, Obama loves to make himself the point in those speeches, amazing since Obama had never done anything concrete in his political life except win elections. Even Presidents who had actually accomplished something prior to winning office, and even after being President, didn’t talk about themselves in such glowing terms as Obama does about himself. Even when Obama says that what he wants to do has nothing to do with him, we can see that his statement has no merit considering how often he refers to his own “accomplishments”. Don’t get me wrong; t’s good that a President shows strength, but only when that President can back it up with something concrete. Even as President, Obama hasn’t earned, in my eyes and in the eyes of many others, the “honors” he heaps upon himself or the respect he seemingly believes he deserves.

Other than talking about himself, how does Obama keep his “revolution” going? By continuing to falsely demonize others that he perceives are threats to or targets of his policies: business executives, doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and lobbyists. He even extends this in foreign policy as he bad-mouths or ignores allies such as Israel, Colombia, Georgia, the Karzai government in Afghanistan (there’s room for agreeing with Obama here considering how corrupt that government is, but hypocritical considering those corrupt tyrannies Obama seems to support), and Honduras, while openly extending the hand of friendship of the U.S. government to the tyrannies expanded by Chavez, Russia, and Iran. But more egregiously Obama still openly blames George W. Bush and Republicans for all the ills the country is facing now, regardless of whether or not the blame is correct. Obama has lied from Day One of his Presidency about how Republicans caused the current economic crisis, or claiming that Republicans have offered nothing in response to his policies, while he falsely claims to want to work them.

As I had mentioned, this is where conservatives are concluding that Obama is still in campaign mode even though he is already President. My argument is that Obama is instilling a leftist revolution in the United States and that the strategy of this revolution is the same as the strategy employed by every other leftist who has successfully waged one, Obama has to keep the revolution going. Knowing this is key to defeating those policies he wishes to implement, as well as defeating Democrats and liberal Republicans in 2010, along with Obama himself in 2012.