Where Is The "Right Wing Violence"?

The tea parties, town hall protests, and the huge September 12th gathering in Washington D.C. were remarkable not only because of the numbers of people involved, but because they were peaceful. Even leftist SEIU thuggery didn’t incite the violence that Obama-worshiping hacks keep complaining about. As a comparison, the usual suspects of anti-capitalist leftist nuts attempted to protest beyond where their permits allowed and a riot ensued, with protesters busting up local businesses as police were breaking it up.

Glenn Garvin of the Miami Herald encapsulates some galling statements made by a couple of “prominent” (I should say, infamous) statists, Nancy Pelosi and Chris Matthews. These two, to be generous, seem to be mentally challenged in their remembrance of history, although it is probably more accurate to say that they are revising it.

In a recent speech, Pelosi teared-up having reminded those who were unfortunate enough to listen to her that she had seen highly charged political rhetoric like what she is seeing now back in the 1970s in San Francisco. Garvin points out what Pelosi was talking about:

Shortly after she quelled her theatrical sniffles, her spinmasters clarified that she was referring only to the 1978 murders of liberal politicians George Moscone and Harvey Milk by a conservative rival, Dan White, dramatized in last year’s film Milk.

Democrat Dan White wasn’t out to make a “right wing” political statement by killing fellow Democrats Moscone and Milk; he was upset that Moscone, with Milk’s help, wouldn’t reinstate White to the San Francisco supervisor job White had quit not too many weeks earlier. Using the type of legal trickery (the “Twinkie defense“) that is the hallmark of leftist defense lawyers, White ended up only being convicted of manslaughter instead of murder, serving five years in prison; he committed suicide not long after being released. Those killings had nothing to do with anyone being part of the right or left wings, political partisanship, or even that Milk was gay. But neither Pelosi or her spin doctors would mention this aspect of those killings because it would completely undermine the point she was making. And she is Speaker of the House.

Garvin also touches upon an exchange between Matthews and the New York Times’ Frank Rich recently:

Rich compared the anti-Obama tea-party rallies to “the walk-up to the Kennedy assassination, [when] there was all this hate talk about Kennedy.” Matthews chimed in that “the mood we’re in right now” reminded of him of when “Jack Kennedy was killed in an open car in Dallas.”

When JFK was President, many conservatives and John Bircher-types were speaking out loudly against him, sometimes quite vociferously. Yet, who actually killed Kennedy? The stupid, lazy, wife-beating leftist Lee Harvey Oswald, the same guy who had attempted a few months earlier to murder John Birch Society member and former U.S. Major General Edwin Walker. As shown, that detail is somehow left out.

More recently, there came out a terrible story about a man found dead on September 12th hanging from a tree in rural Kentucky (reports say the body was badly decomposed, indicating it had been there awhile). It’s now coming out that the original AP story saying the man had possibly been lynched and that the word “fed” was scrawled on the body may have been premature; Allahpundit has a good round-up of the reaction among the right and the left, and you should read the whole thing.

As the title of the post suggests, where is the “right wing violence”? I suspect it’s in the same type of place where Maureen Dowd found the word “boy” in Rep. Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) “You lie” remark, in the warped brains of the leftists.