Coulter's Excellent Smackdown Of O'Reilly

It seems Bill O’Reilly didn’t think the outburst by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) during President Obama’s “speech” was warranted. Apparently, the reason for Wilson’s outburst, Obama’s constant lying throughout the rant “speech” culminating in the mendacity that the health “reform” the President wants wouldn’t include illegal aliens, wasn’t good enough for O’Reilly. One of the people O’Reilly had on to discuss this was Ann Coulter. Watch:

This is why I love Ann Coulter as she is entirely spot on.

My favorite part is where O’Reilly believes that Obama isn’t lying when the President said that illegal aliens won’t be a part of his “reform” and that federal funds will continue to be unavailable for abortions. O’Reilly believes this for three reasons: because Obama says so, because the opposite of both items aren’t in any of the current iterations of the bill, and because the final bill isn’t out yet. Coulter provides two simple reasons why Obama and the Democrats are lying, which is pretty much ignored by O’Reilly: Democrats have already voted down amendments that specifically keep illegal aliens from being covered under health “reform” and disallow federal money from being used to fund abortions, and the Orwellian language of such legislation will give the administration and the courts the go ahead to do just the opposite of what Obama said in his “speech”.

O’Reilly is also still stuck in the notion that the current regulatory regime of health insurance is required to keep honest the companies who sell these products, and Coulter beats him over the head with it, reminding the Factor host that it was regulators who did nothing to stop Bernie Madoff’s scam. O’Reilly tried to interject that the regulators were part of the Bush administration, and Coulter responds that this fact has nothing to do with her argument. Coulter proceeds to explain that it is the natural progression of competition that will induce health insurance providers to do everything the statists say they want, at a reasonable cost to the rest of us, and without an overbearing bureaucracy interfering.

I’d like to take it a step further. Obama, the statist Democrats, and the leftists drone on endlessly how “private” health insurance doesn’t cover those out of work, those who get sick, blah, blah, blah. Yet, none of these individuals ever bothers to mention, because it destroys their argument, that it is the regulatory regimes of the various levels of government that have caused health insurance providers not to cover certain people. Think about it; insurance is purchased to cover when an event leads to the need to reimburse someone or replace something that will cost a great deal of money, money most of us don’t have available. But with health insurance, the states dictate that just about everything, with very few exceptions, will be paid for by those providers, not the individual purchasing the insurance. Worse still, the same laws creating the regulatory agencies allow insurance companies to negotiate prices, but not the insurance purchasers, and allow insurance companies not to cover certain people who really need it. In any sense of the phrasing, a free market of health insurance products doesn’t exist. Anyone complaining about how the “free market” is the cause of these problems is either too stupid to understand the free market, or lying about it.

True reform would be to strip this overbearing set of regulations out to allow competition for all the potential health insurance products that could come out, or actual competition for health care services and products, lowering prices so that the vast majority of individuals could afford to pay for them themselves. This could be done without the federal government spending one dollar more than necessary to pass the legislation to end the regulatory regime. What the statists call “reform” will require all Americans to pay more for health care, whether it’s in the form of out-of-pocket expenses, in the form of higher insurance premiums to those politically connected health insurance providers that remain in business, and in the form of higher taxes to cover the increasing the costs of an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy.

Obama lied constantly during his speech. Wilson, who was right to call the President on these lies, and who should never have apologized, was telling the truth.