President Pinocchio's Health Care "Speech"

You can tell our President is a leftist because he is ready, willing, and able to cajole and berate his fellow residents with agitprop and dishonest propaganda, but refuses to treat America’s enemies with anything but outright deference. Did you hear the lies that were coming fast and furious? I could swear his nose grew out all the way to Pelosi’s San Francisco office. Here’s a guy who in one sentence tells those opposing his health care mantra that he wants to talk and to hear their ideas, then in the next sentence say that the time for talk is over. How can anyone believe someone who makes it a point to speak out of his proktos (for my fellow Hellenes: ???????)? Forget any talk about possible tort reform as a “carrot” for conservatives to bite on; it’s simply not believable and, considering the tone of the “speech”, nothing but “smoke and mirrors”.

The best part of the day was Obama getting suckered by Sarah Palin. Again. It isn’t that the phrase “death panels” or the word “rationing” will be in any bill, or that it will say illegal immigrants won’t be covered, or the bill will have a specific provision outlawing federal funds to be used for abortions (House Democrats have already voted against the latter specific provision in the current iterations of the bill). Americans understand that the Orwellian etymology of legislative language indicates that what is not written, those items I mentioned, will actually be part of a bill that Obama will sign. Our President Pinocchio is still clinging to the notion that the American people are nothing more than the uneducated serfs who were personally beholden to him while he was a community organizer and a state senator. Considering all those people understand exactly what Palin was and is saying, calling out Obama and the statist Democrats for their attempted control of the American people, it is simply amazing that Obama would take the bait, thus making Palin even more relevant in the eyes of the American people.

One other point I want to make has to do with the audacity of Obama’s own mendacity. He spent much of the “speech” talking down members of the opposition party as if those people have any power to stop him or members of his own party in Congress from passing anything. But the American people already know that it is the divisions of Obama’s Democrat Party members that are killing any effort at getting what he wants passed. As has been shown in the polling data, the American people see through what Obama is pushing, seeing a vindictiveness that is the complete antithesis of Obama’s promise to bring people of all political persuasions together, something conservatives knew Obama would never do.

Of course, we’re talking about a President who is clearly out of his element in being able to run anything but a political campaign. Think about it; he cut his teeth as a community organizer, a job that requires only the talent of rhetoric, not in actually doing anything. It’s the same with his job as a professor and a state senator. As far as examples of how to run a government, all he has witnessed is the corruption of two Illinois governors and the fascism of the government of the City of Chicago. It almost seems as if Obama believes Congress is nothing more than another example of the rubber-stamp Democratic Chicago City Council that allows fellow Democratic Mayor Richard M. “Shortshanks”* Daley to run a hugely corrupt political operation without fear (so far). And for the last six years, all he has done is run for office. That’s it. Obama needs his ??????? handed to him to finally learn the lessons he needs. It needs to come soon in the form of the health “reform” bill going down in flames.

*Attributed to the Chicago Tribune’s John Kass.